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anyone's house just not work for them?

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booyhohoho Wed 15-Dec-10 16:46:41

mine never has, I've messed around with different furniture layouts and using different rooms for different purposes for 5 years now and it still isn't comfortable or relaxing to be here. i don't like being here and i don't look forward to coming home. i enjoy my own company and destress by being alone and reading or having a nice hot shower so it's not lack of comapany, it just doesn't feel like my home. it has always felt temporary and I think i need to move. the only thing that is putting me off moveing is my lovely landlord. lovely in that she only turns up once a year and that is at xmas to bring me a bottle of wine. there have been things taht have gone wrong in teh house though and after a few times i have gotten my dad to fix things at my or his expense (his choice i offer to pay) because the landlord always says she will get her DH to come round but in reality it could take him two weeks so it is easier to get my dad in. so i am in two minds. teh only thing keeping me here is teh landlord and teh fear that if i move i might have a horrible one. should i jsut go for it?

Longtinsellyjosie Thu 16-Dec-10 12:27:51

Well - she's not that lovely if she doesn't repair promptly. I'd argue that living in a place you don't like for the sake of a Merry Christmas and a bottle of plonk once a year isn't much of a deal. How's your rent compared to the market rate at the moment?

booyhohoho Thu 16-Dec-10 13:08:21

the rent is good. about as low as i could get here. i can afford to go up a bitthough. i have seen other houses better suited that i could afford.

Longtinsellyjosie Thu 16-Dec-10 13:31:11

Go for it then. Are you planning to buy long term though? The only reason I ask is that if you are saving for a deposit you could put up with it for a bit longer for the extra savings?

booyhohoho Thu 16-Dec-10 13:35:41

i don't think buying will be an option tbh. i am a LP and just about to set up as a CMer so not exactly lots of spare £ hanging about. taht's why i am thinking of making teh move now so that i am already in teh house when i start CMing rather than having to make this one ready for inspection only to move again because i know this one just isn't going to work. thank you. you've helped me decide. smile

Longtinsellyjosie Thu 16-Dec-10 14:11:12

Oh right - hope you have decided to move then!

The great thing is, you can choose somewhere with CMing in mind...

booyhohoho Thu 16-Dec-10 16:47:55

yep, decided to move!!

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