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Jellybean the paint queen .......

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Gotabookaboutit Mon 13-Dec-10 16:34:30

What colour should I paint my newly plastered front room ?

Oak floors - very predictable but comfortable brown leather sofas - mid wooden blinds

want 2 keep it contemporary so thinking 3 natural/putty coloured walls and one feature wall?

JellyBelly10 Tue 14-Dec-10 14:59:45

Ooooh, newly plastered walls! How exciting, I've always had bumpy old crumbly things covered in lining paper to deal with!!
Right, so if you like the idea of the feature wall...then how about this season's colour of the moment....sapphire blue! A rich, bright, deep blue is very striking and would look great contrasted with some neutral walls (although don't go too putty, make it more creamy as the stoney/putty colours can look a bit dark and mushroomy when put with a dark feature wall) and looks very good with wood. Also don't think a feature wall has to be just one wall! Assuming your room is relatively square you can go for colour on two opposing walls, so maybe have it fullly on one wall then have it on the opposite wall but just on the chimney breast or just in the alcoves or whatever.
Then treat yourself to a varied selection of blue cushions to chuck on your leather sofas amnd it'll look lovely!
Or how about a rich, deep, raspberry colour as a feature wall/s?? Dulux's Fitzrovia Red is beautiful.

Gotabookaboutit Tue 14-Dec-10 19:48:45

Loving the raspberry ! room long and quite dark so think that will give a really warm feel Thanks

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