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HELP! Pepsi on Carpet - what to do?

(4 Posts)
dietcokesholidaysarecoming Sat 11-Dec-10 18:59:32

So far mopped up excess and varnish stain remover on.

Have got some bissell machine cleaner (somewhere) but no machine.

Am not a happy bunny!

dietcokesholidaysarecoming Sat 11-Dec-10 19:24:24


MilkNoSugarPlease Sat 11-Dec-10 20:03:44

Milton sterilising fluid worked when I spilt tea over bosses white carpet

Or sponge most of it up, little bit of the cleaner (LITTLE bit!) really rub it in, blot, do again, sponge of with water, towel on top and something heavy on top

dietcokesholidaysarecoming Sat 11-Dec-10 20:09:49

Thanks milknosugarplease

Its blue so I wont try Milton as its bleached some tops of mine previously.

Have put far too much carpet cleaner on it....whoops. Think its going to look horrific.

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