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Feather pillow buying advice please

(2 Posts)
TheHouseofMirth Fri 10-Dec-10 22:03:34

I need to buy some feather pillows for MIL when she comes to stay for Xmas. I usually buy synthetic ones as I have eczema and have just looked on the John Lewis website but am a bit confused. Do I want feather, feather and down or down and feather? I dont want to spend a fortune but there's no point in buying them if they're not super-comfy.

Can anyone help me please?

gregssausageroll Sat 11-Dec-10 10:32:41

Don't mean to sound cheeky but for Christmas can't she bring her own?

TBH if you are buying yourself they are all pretty good so you can't really go wrong.

QBV northern nights are what we have. I love my feather bedding!

ASDA have a range of feather stuff if you need to get it quickly but teh QVC stuff can go back if you don't like it - I think they've extended their returns until the end of January now.

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