What can I use instead of Brasso?

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MemooMerrilyOnHigh Thu 09-Dec-10 11:32:22

Have an overwhelming urge to clean my knocker that must be satisfied! grin but have no Brasso!! Is there anything else that will work?

Indith Thu 09-Dec-10 11:38:28

All together now "Shine up your buttons with Brasso, its only 3 ha'pennies a tin. You can buy it or nick it from Woolies...."

No idea. Lemon juice rings a bell. I have a book somewhere with all this in but dd is screaching.

MemooMerrilyOnHigh Thu 09-Dec-10 11:42:16

I have a screaching DD too, she is currently attached to my left leg like a little koala bear

StrawberrySam Thu 09-Dec-10 11:42:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MemooMerrilyOnHigh Thu 09-Dec-10 11:43:26

ooooh now theres an idea, thankyou Sam

LatteLady Thu 09-Dec-10 11:45:40

Brown sauce will do it too.

MemooMerrilyOnHigh Thu 09-Dec-10 12:06:21

Have no cola but do have brown sauce, you know I am going to get some strange looks from the neighbours

MemooMerrilyOnHigh Thu 09-Dec-10 13:15:25

Brown sauce didn't work although the dog now seems to have taken a liking to the front door

shodatin Fri 10-Dec-10 00:24:46

Any silver polish will work, or if badly stained/discoloured vinegar will clean it, but do rinse off before buffing.

whiskyplease Fri 10-Dec-10 08:37:20

Try hob-brite. Works well on the brass edges of my coffee table.

MaryBS Fri 10-Dec-10 08:38:53

Tomato ketchup works on brass

BikeRunSki Fri 10-Dec-10 08:39:49

Toothpaste. Honestly. My CDT teacher told me this in about 1985 and he was absolutely right!

Also, paste of lemon juice and salt, but works best on copper.

onfriday Fri 10-Dec-10 14:04:32

Autosol is good.

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