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What colour should I paint my walls?

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3littlefrogs Wed 08-Dec-10 19:38:54

In my living room I have an olive green sofa and chairs, pine doors and a light wood floor.

I can't afford any new furniture - the existing stuff is second hand and will have to do for a few years yet.

The walls are currently the original bog standard magnolia. What would look nice?


mustdash Wed 08-Dec-10 19:41:25

We also have an olive sofa (grey chairs) pine floor and door, and the walls are F & B Clunch. It is lovely - though maybe not very different from magnolia, sorry.

ilovetheshops Wed 08-Dec-10 19:47:51

we have a f& b "hardwick white" handpainted kitchen with a light wood floor, and the walls are painted in stone white from crown with f & b "pointing" skirting and architrave
I have added a couple of red accents ie cushions,etc

ppeatfruit Thu 09-Dec-10 12:51:58

Exactly iloveshops I LIKE magnolia and white 'cos you can add yr own colours and paintings etc. and change them when you want to.

3littlefrogs Fri 10-Dec-10 12:32:25

Thanks. I think I will go for a slightly different shade - this magnolia looks a bit too yellow, and I don't like it against the green.

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