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Washing machine and freezer can't cope with cold weather

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Montifer Fri 03-Dec-10 22:59:09

Fridge /freezer in garage has defrosted itself, seemingly it's too cold for it to stay frozen at the moment; luckily noticed before the 3 drawers of meat and meals prepared pre arrival of DS2 last week defrosted and was able to squeeze them into freezer in kitchen.

Pipes to washing machine now seem to have frozen; therefore unable to do the daily load of washing that aforementioned DS2 and his big brother create.

Wondering if we will have to wait for Spring to resume normal activities.

Any advice re washing machine would be gratefully received.

Tangle Sat 04-Dec-10 00:32:10

That's hard

Is your garage attached? How well insulated is it? Can you see the pipes? Any idea where they're frozen?

Short of defrosting them I'm not sure what you can do, sadly could you stick a heater under/near them where you think they're frozen? Just watch out for leaks...

Hope you can get it sorted soon and don't run into more problems. Last thing you need with a newborn.

Montifer Sat 04-Dec-10 11:54:59

Garage is detached and not too badly insulated I thought, apparently it was -13 on thursday night so that's probably frozen the pipes.

Just hope I haven't knackered the pump on washing machine trying to run it.

DP going to investigate now.

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