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Please help me sort out the house!

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ShanahansRevenge Wed 01-Dec-10 22:34:24

DH has been away with work for three months...he is coming back on the 14th and the house looks like a pile of crap...I really want it to be warm and welcoming but have hardly any budget.

It is bad because I work from home and have 2 DDs and no help with DH away...I had to let something won't be the kids or my the house has gone to the dogs.

Basically I need to chuck a lot away..can cope with that...but can anyone give me tips on how to warm things up? The walls look a bit crappy but can't get redecorated...need help! We wont be doing the tree till DH gets back...but I dont mind doing other festive things.

The style of my furnishings and fabrics is vintage modern...some good classic 50s pieces of furniture...not sure how to make the decorations look good with the modern/vintage decor! I want it Christmassy for the DDs...but looking DH and I can really feel cosy etc.

loubielou31 Thu 02-Dec-10 21:33:34

If he's been away for three months he won't give a toss what the house looks like!!! grin
Grab a bin liner chuck out the crap, give the place a good clean and spend the rest of your time and money on scrubbing yourself up; waxing, hair cut, new lippy?

lisacol Fri 03-Dec-10 06:21:33

Christmas always breaks all the decorating rules - either go for bright and fun, or all nostalgic victoriana - either will fit and will make house look v festive and welcoming.

Poundland/Wilkinsons/poundstretchr/Asda/market will have loads of v cheap decorations - and you won't need too much. They will also have scented candles, so get some christmasy ones, put around the room in jam jars, turn the other lights off and all set for your romantic night in

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