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What proportions of soda/vinegar/lemon juice for washing machine, please?

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winnybella Wed 01-Dec-10 16:04:48

It smells.

I've got soda bicarbonate powder, not crystals, as someone had suggested.

Um, so how much of each?


shelscrape Wed 01-Dec-10 22:59:23

My washing machine pongs from time to time too. I've been told it's because I use eco friendly washing liquid and wash at a low temperature. I don't use bicarb to get rid of the pong, just a boil wash with a dollop of bleach in it. Seems to do the trick, but just to make sure I only wash tea towels in the wash after the bleach has been used.

cece Wed 01-Dec-10 23:01:12

I put a big slog (quarter of a pack) of soda crystals into the drum part and fill the fabric conditioner tray with white vinegar. Then I put it on the hottest wash I can.

awaywiththepixies Thu 02-Dec-10 17:32:43

The smell is apparently caused by bacteria which can thrive when you use non-bio washing powder / wash at low temperatures / use washing liquids rather than powders. To get rid of the smell you can either use half a pot of bicarb or a cup of white vinegar (the cheaper option). To avoid it coming back to can either use biological washing liquid (rather than non-bio), switch to powders or periodically run the hottest wash your machine will allow - I wash my tea towels at 95 degrees to do this. Incidentally the white vinergar or bicard method work to get rid of smells if you end up with pongy towels (or other clothing) because they've been left festering in the washing basket!

winnybella Thu 02-Dec-10 19:02:21

Thank you all.

I do wash towels/sheets at 90 degrees few times a week, other stuff at 40. It doesn't seem to help, except that things washed at high temp don't smell, things washed at 40 degrees do. But you would think high temp wash would kill off most of the bacteria.

So I don't have to mix soda with vinegar?

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