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Self Cleaning Oven? My A***!

(3 Posts)
CeliaChristmasFate Sun 28-Nov-10 11:30:56

My oven is FILTHY. Not just a bit dirty and will come up clean with a good scrub. It's Kim and Aggie dirty blush. How can I clean it? Self cleaning ovens can't be cleaned with caustic products and everything I pick up says "Not suitable for self cleaning ovens." What can I do? (I can't hire a professional to do it either as we're trying to save money!)

wingandprayer Sun 28-Nov-10 11:32:39

Watching this with interest as my supposedly sefl cleaning over also bloody filthy. I was about to Oven Pride it and stuff the consequences...

JetLi Sun 28-Nov-10 18:36:59

Mine has self cleaning liners - the self cleaning bits are rough textured on mine & are only on the side "walls".
The bottom is disgusting black enamelled (& should be shiny) so I just confine the oven cleaning products to the bottom. Do yours sounds similar?

For the "self cleaning" bit I'm meant to whack the oven on full temp for 30 minutes & then switch it off. Then I should merely sweep away the debris from the oven floor where it will have miraculously accumulated. Self cleaning, my arse indeed hmm

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