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Cause of damp wall on 2nd floor

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admylin Thu 25-Nov-10 08:53:13

Our bedroom is on the 2nd floor , we moved in here in August and painted everything. Now a small damp spot of a light brownish colour is showing in one corner half way up the wall.

Could a tree, touching the outside corner cause the damp? Does anyone have experience with that sort of thing? I am worried about the damp causing mold and I go around airing the rooms atleast twice a day.

pleasechange Thu 25-Nov-10 09:02:44

Cause could be that there is some leak e.g. missing slate/brick, and water is gradually getting in

Also could be that wall needs repointed

Is it an old house? Suggest you get a builder round as these things get worse if left. Doesn't necessary cost loads to rectify if caught early

admylin Thu 25-Nov-10 09:48:16

There's another floor above the bedroom though it must be something on that corner of the house that is wrong. I'll go round and check again if the outside walls need repainted. The crown of the tree is right up against the wall though. Looks like some sort of huge fir tree, taller than the house.

It's quite an old house.

jellyjelly Fri 26-Nov-10 10:21:36

It could be moss in the gutters causing overspill when raining, slate tile missing and dripping water down. Get out there and try to inspect the wall, is there bits of brick missing and water could be penetrating the brocks.

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