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What do you do when you move house?

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starrychime Tue 23-Nov-10 19:43:55

If you move into a new (not brand new, just different) home what do you do with the toilet, kitchen etc. Do you disinfect till it's coming out of your pores, bleach down all plugholes etc? And do you change the locks in case there's a key floating about somewhere? Most houses I've been to see have had pristine loos but am a bit anal grin about that sort of thing.

northerngirl41 Tue 23-Nov-10 20:26:32

Yup - what I do is have industrial cleaners come in to do the clean before we move in, and then when the removal man are done at the old house they switch over there and clean up for the new people.

I'd also wait until after you've had any work done to change the front door locks as you'll probably give them sets of keys at odd points.

The most important thing about moving house is to have an overnight bag with everything you need to live for maybe 2-3 days in it, including loo roll, mobile phone charger and the kettle.

The second most important thing is to colour code the boxes to which room they should go into at the new house - white tape for bathroom, red for kitchen, blue for bedroom 1, green for study etc. Then when you pick up the keys put tape on each door so the removal men know where to go (coloured arrows on the floor are only just slight overkill...You might get some rolling of eyes).

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