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8kg washing machine

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BoBoo Tue 23-Nov-10 13:09:24

So we're about to move house and won't have a washing machine in the new one so will have to invest in my first. Have 2 dds and seem to be constantly washing so thought it would be a good idea to get one with a capacity of 8kg or more and then hopefully can bung the duvets in as well.

Can anyone recommend a good one and a not too horrendous price?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Tue 23-Nov-10 22:58:03

This looks good, is a reasonable price and is well-reviewed. There are bigger, 9kg or even 11kg machines, but you're over £400 (and up to £670!) at that point.

cupofcoffee Wed 24-Nov-10 09:54:50

I have one of these

Seems to do the job. It is 9kg.

Chatelaine Thu 25-Nov-10 15:17:42

Have a carefully measure up of where it is to be installed e.g. under work surface, as the 8/9kg machines have bigger overall dimensions and may not fit into the vacant space if the people leaving are taking their appliance.

booyhoo Thu 25-Nov-10 15:19:59

i have an 8kg bosch. it is pretty good but huffs with me when i overload and either wont start teh programme or if it does it doesn't get all the water out of teh clothes so i have to take half teh clotehs out and spin again.

booyhoo Thu 25-Nov-10 15:21:33

mine was just under £600.

welshandproud Thu 25-Nov-10 15:31:04

I have an 8kg Hotpoint Aqualtis. It's a washer dryer and i love it to bits! I have 4 DC so plenty of washing to keep it busy. I usually get away with only putting it on 5/6 times a week.It has a drying capacity of 4kg. I think it was around about the 500 quid mark but worth every penny.It is also extemely quiet.Its about 18 months old now.

cupofcoffee Thu 25-Nov-10 19:48:35

My 9kg machine fits in a standard washing machine space as the external dimensions are the same as a 5kg one, it's just the drum that is bigger. I did see a 10kg one though that was bigger externally as well so it is worth checking the measurements of the machine and space to make sure.

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