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Does anyone have one of these compost bins? Are they good?

(2 Posts)
naturelover Mon 22-Nov-10 13:29:01 _ID=233

My worry in a small kitchen is that it will look really obvious on the counter and get in the way if you see what I mean (even though it's flush with the counter). I've never seen one in anyone's house, and I'm also nervous about cutting a hole in 2000 quid's worth of granite, in case we change our mind.

But DH loves the idea of it and hates the current counter-top compost caddy with a vengeance.


mnistooaddictive Mon 22-Nov-10 19:29:52

It likes the equipment McDs have in their kitchens to me but I am warped after many years of part time work whilst being a student!

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