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bathroom cleaning

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stofstg Sat 20-Nov-10 02:17:25

finally i got a new bathroom suite so i wanna keep it clean. What does everyone use to keep the bath, shower screen, and loo clean. I really wanna keep on top of it so could with some tips. So in your experience do the homemade cleaners work like vineger? Do loo cleaners like harpic clean better than bleach in your experience?

estuardo Sat 20-Nov-10 02:30:18

strong chemicals, sadly,
I am bathroom cleaning queen.
eco stuff does not cut it

IfGraceAsks Sat 20-Nov-10 02:51:07

I am possibly Mumsnet's most slovenly poster. This does, however, mean that when I do clean, I need stuff that works! It's got to remove the past [mumble] months' worth of grime.

Vinegar is a good de-greaser, deodoriser (surprisingly) and anti-static. No good for bathrooms, though. 'Natural' chemicals like bicarb, acetic acid, borax, etc do work but they're still chemicals - and more expensive than your ordinary bottled stuff. I love bleach! Bleach is eco-friendly, despite the bad publicity, as it turns into salt & air when used with water. If you have a problem with the chlorine, pay a bit more for a peroxide (oxygen) bleach. You need loo cleaner for the loo, as bleach doesn't treat limescale.

If you're a nutter for naturals, the one & only range that works hard enough for me is - umm, that Australian stuff with a daft name. It's made from onion juice & lemons, iirc.

If I weren't a slut - and had a lovely new bathroom like you (congrats!) - I would use that water-repellent spray for shower screens; it works. Actually, I'd try it on the tiles, too - be handy if it keeps them cleaner longer

IfGraceAsks Sat 20-Nov-10 03:00:42

While I'm confiding my housekeeping tips - a rare event, hope you appreciate it wink ... The very best way to keep your plug'oles nice and clear is with a dishwasher tablet. Plonk it on top of the filter, pour a full kettle of boiling water over it (slowly, so it all goes down the plug) then run the hot tap until the tablet's dissolved. I have also successfully cleared gummy lavs with this method: 2 tablets and four kettles.

Obviously, you won't need that tip, as you won't be letting anyone poo in your shiny new lav grin

rodformyownback Sat 20-Nov-10 04:57:22

Australian stuff may be Bubsafe?

I had a bottle from TK Maxx but haven't found any more since. It was really good - all natural ingredients but smells reassuringly chemically and seemed to do the job.

Thanks so much for the dishwasher tablet tip. I recently bought some specific plughole cleaner, it cost £2.99 and suggested I use 1/2 bottle weekly in each plughole! So that's 13 odd quid a month to keep 2 plugholes clear in the bathroom hmm

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