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how to clean a fluffy rocking horse

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thatsnotmymonkey Mon 15-Nov-10 15:12:11

I bought this rocking horse

At the weekend and it is in fine working order, but looks a little dirty, the fur is squashed down and it has a couple of dirty marks on the ears/face. How can I spruce it up for my DS?

thatsnotmymonkey Mon 15-Nov-10 15:12:47

I should say I bought it at a NCT sale second hand!

thatsnotmymonkey Mon 15-Nov-10 17:51:04


droves Mon 15-Nov-10 17:58:59

Brush it then hoover to remove surface dirt.
Then sponge clean (if you can get carpet master use it , its fab) then brush and hoover again when dry to bring the pile back.

WowOoo Mon 15-Nov-10 18:01:27

You could shave any bobbly bits off too. Comb the squashed bits?

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