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Best wood for a chopping board? Which should I look for?

(15 Posts)
moragbellingham Sun 14-Nov-10 20:50:09

I have no idea which would last well, wash well and not cost a fortune!
I love the butchers block type thing but want something with a grooves around the edge as we have lots of roasts (to catch the juices etc.)

TK Maxx have loads but I don't know what would be a waste of money or just and useless.

Please help.

KatyMac Sun 14-Nov-10 20:52:12

Plastic - it's safer

KatyMac Sun 14-Nov-10 20:52:49

Or stainless steel

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 14-Nov-10 20:53:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sun 14-Nov-10 20:53:34

no plastic isn't safer it's a myth

and hot water will kill all germs anyway

ClaireDeLoon Sun 14-Nov-10 20:54:32

Steel or granite would blunt your knives.

I have wood, I just wash thoroughly.

KatyMac Sun 14-Nov-10 20:56:17

Will I get away with that when talking to an EHO?

If so great, I'll get all mine out again

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 14-Nov-10 20:56:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TmiEdward Sun 14-Nov-10 20:58:32

A wooden chopping board should be end grain, like a multiblock butcher block. The harder the wood the better.
Remember to oil dry board regularly. (veg or olive oil is fine)

Try one of these for carving roasts.

moragbellingham Sun 14-Nov-10 21:23:23

I've has this weird discussion with friends about highchairs too.
Doesn't wood release an enzyme which is bacteriacidal? I know, it defies logic but I'll find the link.
I do have plastic and glass(they're terrible) ones too.

Actually, I do think that I need one of those carving things with prongs like my Dad used to use. I was just trying to make it multi-functional with having a tiny kitchen and not much storage space.

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 14-Nov-10 21:25:14

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sun 14-Nov-10 21:27:06

but hot water can get into all the groves and make them sterile

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 14-Nov-10 21:33:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

southeastastra Sun 14-Nov-10 21:40:25

yes but hot water can get in all the gaps

have one wooden board i've had for 14 years and it's not made me ill yet lol

TheProfiteroleThief Sun 14-Nov-10 22:01:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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