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Why shouldn't you tumble dry 100% cotton clothes?

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ZombiePlanB Sun 14-Nov-10 20:36:22

What can happen?

Now it's winter and with 2dc I am suddenly loving the washing machine / tumble dryer. But I don't undertand why lots of clothes say no TD.

I won't if it's not cotton, or has a print but otherwise it should be OK?

What could happen? [perplexed]

colditz Sun 14-Nov-10 20:37:21

because they shrink

Kewcumber Sun 14-Nov-10 20:38:22

have always tubled dried sootn (when I had the money to run tumble dryer!). First time wash shrinks cottom - I didn;t notice dryer shrinking it any more.

Kewcumber Sun 14-Nov-10 20:38:47

sootn = cotton!

Jojay Sun 14-Nov-10 20:38:56

I do it anyway, and I've never ruined anything yet.

belgo Sun 14-Nov-10 20:40:36

I don't know if they shrink but clothes do get thinner in the tumble dryer and will get holes in a lot quicker. I love the tumble dryer but never use it for any own clothes or the children's nicer clothes.

AnnoyingOrange Sun 14-Nov-10 20:43:28

I tumble dry just about everything

I think socks shrink over time though

ZombiePlanB Mon 15-Nov-10 06:58:01

Right, thanks. I don't do any nice clothes, just things like babygros, Jim jams.

Tshirts with the prints start melting? All dh t shirts are a) huge and b) have prints on. They take aggggessssss to dry.

belgo Mon 15-Nov-10 06:59:30

I tumble dry dh's t-shirts and after a while it is not good for the print. But I don't really care as they are mostly free t-shirts.

ZombiePlanB Mon 15-Nov-10 11:09:18

LOL so only tumble dry the tshirts with prints that I don't like. Clever!

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