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Remember Remember, Fledglings Fly through November

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DidEinsteinsMum Thu 28-Oct-10 23:58:21

Welcome to the November Fledgling Flying thread.

From the 1st of the month we shall be decluttering and taming the chaos using baby steps, missions and zones. A great big thank you to MrsDinky who looked after us last month.

We are not strict followers of the fat fairy and take some of the babysteps wearing shoes indoors with a pinch of salt. Also advise against signing up for the fairy's emails.

All are welcome, jump on board for one of our three methods of chaos attack:

1. Baby steps
2. Baby steps and 15mins decluttering in current zone
3. Re-inforce the baby steps and daily mission

This month the fat fairy is gearing up for the feastive period. So I shall also post the christmas mission for those who wish are brave enough to look.

In here the motto is:

*"No perfection! Do what you can, but be realistic about what you can do."

Happy flying.

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 00:06:01

Marks place for all the supportive chat and flying next month.


highlighterpen Fri 29-Oct-10 04:32:42

Well, I find myself up at 4am making lists of what I need to do to declutter/clean/spruce up our home, so I think I need to join grin

I am staying with my DB and DSIL and their house is soooo nice and sooooo tidy and sooooo clean and I want some of that. (despite the fact that they have housekeeper/cleaner type , I hope to emulate some of the gorgeousness of their home in my own...)

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 04:43:48

welcome highlight You are in the right place. are you in the uk or somewhere more exotic? Decluttering is the key. We shall be starting on this properally on monday. I shall probably confuse you as I am both DIDs (dragon and einstein)

If you are motivated to start before hand you could use the 27 fling boogie - take a bag and try to find 27 things in a room that you can throw out. Or the 15 mins declutter - 3 boxes: bin, recycle/charity, and rehome put things into boxes for 15mins and then spend a few mins to return the stuff in the rehome box to where it should be.
There is just one rule: be realistic about what you can achieve. I have the eventually to be done list and the immediate to do list. eg eventually list: be able to use bath. immediate list: spend 15mins decluttering a box stored in bath. By focusing on the achievable the bigger picture will be achieved.

Besides there is only one way to eat an elephant. One piece at a a time. grin

highlighterpen Fri 29-Oct-10 05:16:24

grin Hi DID!
I am away from home until Monday but I will be flinging as soon as I get through the door! Yes, you are right, small steps is the way to get there. We used to live in a clutter-free home but then the twins came along and we are now drowning under baby clothes they have grown out of, toys we don't have proper storage for, swimming rings behind the sofa, coats falling off overstuffed coat pegs - you get the picture!

We are lucky we have a charity shop just down the road and good recycling nearby but it seems to have crept up on me a bit! Suddenly I can't find anywhere to put down a cup of tea tat isn't covered in old birthday cards/ things we've moved away from the children/ Thomas the tank engine books and I am thinking "how did that happen?'!

I am in the UK. Should be in bed. I am just about to order 2 sets of [ ing-Storage-Trunk/10000000780 these]] to help to sort out the living room.

highlighterpen Fri 29-Oct-10 05:17:14

Oh bother, how did I mess that up?
try try again

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 05:30:40

we have this system with boxes of various sizes to suit

What you describe is CHAOS also know as cant have anyone over syndrome.

i have just given away ds' baby clothes. It felt weird but also a relief. I have one or two pieces that i have kept for sentimental value.

Enjoy the rest of your trip. Jump on board Monday and we will take you through babysteps and zones thoughout the month. You'll be surprised how much difference you see. Dont be intimindated by other people's activities/lists. Some are more accomplished fliers and some have high hopes and low achievement guilty Do this at the pace that suits you.

highlighterpen Fri 29-Oct-10 05:37:00

I know the trofast stuff is good - but our nearest IKEA is a 5 hour round trip! We live in the middle of nowhere in a beautiful part of the country!

Thanks for your advice and encouragement. I certainly need it! smile

Going back to bed now for an hour before the morning begins in earnest!

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 05:40:50

ouch. that is a long trip for a bit of furniture. bet the view is worth it. See you on monday.

As for the rest of you fledglings i DO have a good excuse for ignoring the early night babystep, honest gov. <waves sick note> sinus infection.

LinzerTortured Fri 29-Oct-10 06:19:28

Just marking my spot, microfibre cloth at the ready. After a bit of a blip last month, I'm determined to get back on track in November.

Great method for separating the links from the chat, DEM / DID! Thanks for taking over the reins this month and to MrsD for doing such a splendid job in October.

Welcome to highlighterpen. smile

elliepac Fri 29-Oct-10 07:11:00

Some people will do anything for a namechange grin. Thanks for the new thread dem, am marking my place accordingly. Welcome to the thread Massive thanks to mrsd for leading last month so marvellously!

highlighterpen Fri 29-Oct-10 07:17:17

Thanks for the welcome! What a lovely friendly thread.
<<settles in with cup of tea and --brand- newduster>>

PositiveAttitude Fri 29-Oct-10 07:35:59

marking spot! grin

EnchantressNettieSpaghetti Fri 29-Oct-10 07:55:06

Woohoo i do love a nice shiny new thread. This is my 8m of flying and progress has been made despite the ongoing building works.

Welcome highlighter we are all friendly and dont spend whole time chatting grin

Thanks dideinsteinsmumeatthedragon grin

MrsDinky Fri 29-Oct-10 08:22:00

Marking spot, see you on Mon.

sittinghippo Fri 29-Oct-10 08:36:24

Welcome highlighter
Looking forward to getting stuck in properly in November, as I started half way through October I missed out loads of missions and baby steps so will be good to start again properly.
See you Monday. Have a good weekend. smile

Stillcountingthewarlocks Fri 29-Oct-10 09:15:53

Helloooooo!!! Just marking my place for my return (Nov 8th)...

Thanks for new November DID - have left you a message on October thread -

I'm happy to run thread when I get back from November 8th to December 8th but can't do latter part of December as hoardes are descending then (guests not locusts grin) - equally very happy if you or anyone else wants to do it!! grin

Ta very muchly to you and MrsD anyway!!

Sorry - got to go ...

[SC exits stage right with stack of filing in one hand, and stack of clean pants in other]

Oh and a warm welcome to Highlighter!!

Off to Blighty for Toussaint hols.... yipppeeeee!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Toffeefudgecake Fri 29-Oct-10 09:59:25

<pops head round door>

Welcome, Highlighter! And hello again to the rest of you regular Flyladies smile

<disappears again, muttering about why ON EARTH I have landed myself with cooking lunch for seven when I don't have any shopping in, the house is a mess (and it's not even my house I've managed to mess up) and I am not even dressed yet...>

purplewednesday Fri 29-Oct-10 11:10:33

Just marking my place!
I love November - Its when my birthday is!

purplewednesday Fri 29-Oct-10 11:12:05

Didn't realise that Dragon and Einstein are the same!

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 11:40:30

Yep. I have had to promise to not make any other name changes this month too. Have to just stick to the two blush

Good to see you purple.

Stillcountingthewarlocks Fri 29-Oct-10 12:49:29

Eh up. Just posted on other thread!! [Sorry to be so thick about who's leading fled. Have finally got it!!!! Many thanks to DID - love the "no perfection" motto!! Can live up to that one quite easily ...grin 'See' you soon!

Stillcountingthewarlocks Fri 29-Oct-10 13:05:06

leading fled? eh? confused myself now ... I think I'd better go ...

DancingIceDragons Fri 29-Oct-10 13:11:06

grin instructions on other thread SC. Enjoy the holiday!

Stillcountingthewarlocks Fri 29-Oct-10 13:48:29

Thanks DID!!!!

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