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Deodorant on shirts

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GuernseyFrench Thu 28-Oct-10 20:57:25

1st time I'm posting on this category. My problem is as follow:
Most of Dh shirts have the underarms white stained and hardened by his deodorant.

Is there any treatment, old wives recipes I can use to save his shirts?

Many thanks for your advices

Schroeder Thu 28-Oct-10 21:14:50


takingchances Thu 28-Oct-10 21:26:58

Hi Guernsey! What deodorant is he using?

anonymosity Fri 29-Oct-10 00:21:54

No I'm afraid you've had it - if they've been washed, dried and ironed, (or dry cleaned) its sort of like making sure they're permanently like that.

I think the only way to avoid it (the build up) is washing the armpit areas carefully by hand before sticking in the tub with the rest. Scrubbing brush and much soap.

GuernseyFrench Fri 29-Oct-10 06:24:09

taking he uses any brand (depending which one is bogof at the supermarket)

anonymosity that's what I thought. I'll try hand washing the new ones.

KenDoddsDadsZombieDogsNotDead Fri 29-Oct-10 06:57:15

Fairy soap is good before you put it in the machine.

takingchances Fri 29-Oct-10 09:47:20

If there is enough deo to make the underarms of his shirts hard then it could be that he is applying too much. A thin layer of deodorant is actually more effective than shed-loads of it.
If he using aerosol you could get him to switch to a stick format, might help.

anonymosity Fri 29-Oct-10 21:24:49

Forgot to say, mine has the same and ruins shirts in no time - by spraying enough deo to kill a hive of bees!

size6feet Sun 07-Nov-10 07:34:58

Someone recommended this a while back. here It is sprayed onto the garment, worked in, then machine washed. It seems to work on DS tops which were quite stiff.

Mushroomflumps Sun 07-Nov-10 08:31:17

Anyone able to offer advice on how to get bo smell out of teenager's school shirts?

They shower majority of days (refusing at moment to shower every day we are working on this!!!) and always use deodrant.

But after washing their shirts, when ironing them there is a very faint whiff under the arms (I do have an ultra sensitive nose so do know it's faint) but I don't want it there full stop.

Any advice.

mousymouse Sun 07-Nov-10 08:33:47

mushroom, I wash dh*s shirts separately, on 40 degrees, only half the washing powder it says on the pack, no conditioner. sometimes vinegar in the last rinse.

Mushroomflumps Sun 07-Nov-10 20:02:14

I'll give that a go mousymouse. Thanks.

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