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Where do you put clothes worn once?

(70 Posts)
OrangeSpacedust Wed 27-Oct-10 12:52:27

Ones that aren't smelly or dirty and can go another outing. Do you just fold them and put them back in the wardrobe/hang them up? Or do you have a special place for them? I don't have enough wardrobe space so they just pile up on top of my laundry basket and it's driving me bananas! Trivial question, I know, but I'm hoping someone will have some magical solution .... Thx!

Grumpla Wed 27-Oct-10 13:00:21

I leave them on the floor. Because I am a tramp.

TheFallenMadonna Wed 27-Oct-10 13:00:24

A chair blush

But then I would usually wear them again the next day. I'm thinking after school clothes for example. Dry clean only stuff I hang on a clothes stand to 'air', then put back in the wardrobe.

GoreRenewed Wed 27-Oct-10 13:01:53

I put them away - unless I am going to wear them the next day.

MollysChambers Wed 27-Oct-10 13:03:54

I put them away unless wearing next day.
DH piles them on a chair til you can't see the chair and then leaves them on the floor around the chair.

Ahem, feel better now.

SummerRain Wed 27-Oct-10 13:07:01

mine: chair in the corner of the room, spilling onto floor

dp: on his excercise equipment hmm

ds 1&2: on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds, no ides what i'll do when ds2 needs it!

dd: on the radiator in her room, and on the floor

OrangeSpacedust Wed 27-Oct-10 13:22:56

Ok, am starting to feel better now, no magical solutions. It's normal to wear the same clothes 2 or 3 days in a row then? <wonders how she ever got this old while being so naive>

bigchris Wed 27-Oct-10 13:24:22

Dd - on her rocking horse
ds - on his desk chair
dh - on chair or floor hmm
me - on landing banister

bigchris Wed 27-Oct-10 13:25:06

Yes it's normal for us, I only put the washing machine on 3 or 4 times a week

MollysChambers Wed 27-Oct-10 13:25:28

Tis in my house.
(Apart from undies obv...)

thereisalightanditnevergoesout Wed 27-Oct-10 14:06:44

Back in the drawer.

brookeslay Fri 29-Oct-10 19:03:48

Wooden Clothes Valet Stand £29 ebay
DS clothes I put on hanger and hang on his wooden shaker shelfs.

peachybums Fri 29-Oct-10 20:09:29

Fold up and put on the basket next to my bed to wear the next day, if not wearing the next day il pop them on the shelf in the wardrobe so i know theyve been worn once.

DP puts them on his computer chair till they go all over the floor angry

DS all over the floor or kicked behind the drawers. Same for DD1.

DD2 is only a baby and is usually sick on them within the hour so doesnt get chance to save for another day as they are in the wash lol.

shodatin Sat 30-Oct-10 23:02:33

Mine are turned in-side-out then hung back in wardrobe, or on spare-room clothes rack if full.

greentig3r Fri 05-Nov-10 16:56:51

I've given up trying to have a 'half-way house' for the worn-once stuff. Used to have a chair, then a basket, then end of the bed but it quickly piles up and takes over the room.

I've started just putting it back in cupboard, but like shodatin's idea of turning it inside out. Maybe a token gesture but could be a good way to remind you not to leave them too long without another outing or a wash.

Rhian82 Fri 05-Nov-10 17:02:00

Back in the drawer or cupboard they came from.

overmydeadbody Fri 05-Nov-10 17:06:38

Back in the wardrobe or drawer.

4plus1 Fri 05-Nov-10 17:20:24

Have the ikea trofast tubs in my back hall. Shoes in the bottom one and then in the next 2 I put dc pjs, as they get dressed after they v eaten breakfast downstairs. In the next tub I keep things like track bottoms and sweat tops that they get changed into after school. They only wear them for a few hours so usually get few days out of them. I also hang the uniforms on a hanger and hang onto the side of the unit for morning.
I have 5 dc so really try to be as organised as possible and cut back on time running around bedrooms looking for things and also cut down on washing!

4plus1 Fri 05-Nov-10 17:22:17

Should add that my washing machine is still on at least twice a day, every day

sarah293 Fri 05-Nov-10 17:30:15

Message withdrawn

muggglewump Fri 05-Nov-10 17:32:11

Hang them back up in the wardrobe after giving them an iron.

NoahAndTheWhale Fri 05-Nov-10 17:35:05

Floor. Or on the landing bannister. Or maybe in a drawer/wardrobe/cupboard

pagwatch Fri 05-Nov-10 17:37:31

I never wear the same clothes two or three days in a row. But I do wear clothes more than once if they don't need cleaning.
So they go back in the wardrobe. If we started leaving clothes on the bedroom chairs then we would end up living in my mothers house - a manhattan skyline of piled clothes

Guidoinsteadnow Fri 05-Nov-10 17:39:13

Old wooden towel rail in bedroom.

BangingNoise Fri 05-Nov-10 17:39:13

In the wash. You dirty buggers.

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