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Stylish super king size bed frame or headboard

(16 Posts)
mosaica Mon 18-Oct-10 15:00:50


There is so much less choice for super king size beds... Anyway, if any of you can recommend a stylish bed or even a headboard on this size, please let me know. Ideally black, to go with our wardrobes. And not too expensive, please!!!

MrToad Mon 18-Oct-10 15:47:11

We got ours from Warren Evans, highly recommended. They even come and put the bed frame together for you.

ruddynorah Mon 18-Oct-10 15:49:16

M&S do an upholstered one. You choose the fabric. It's in the autograph range, very nice.

woolymindy Mon 18-Oct-10 15:54:04

Ikea do one from their malm range - comes in black and is very cheap, lovely looking and has lasted really well (mattress prices are a steal too)

woolymindy Mon 18-Oct-10 15:54:27

oh and you can order it online and have it delivered, which is nice....

iluvcake Mon 18-Oct-10 15:54:36

We got ours from the sleep room, an online company. Lots of different styles and very reasonable. I think ours was about £750.

mosaica Sat 23-Oct-10 16:23:09

Thanks! I love the beds in, never heard of them before but they are fab. I have also found some nice looking headboards on, has anybody bought any from them?

peachybums Sat 23-Oct-10 22:52:51

We have a low level one from silent night with a wooden frame around it. The headboard is leather and curves out. Looks stunning but...the wooden frame is awful if DP takes up most of room and you end up sleeping on it hmm, the headboard curving out means the bed takes up far too much room, and we found after i had a baby and DP had an operation a low level bed its a flipping nightmare to get down onto and to get out of.

Just a few points you may wish to concider haha.

runningrach Sat 23-Oct-10 22:57:51

we have warren evans too, they often have half price offers on certain styles (think we got ours after xmas) which makes them very affordable. It's the cost of a mattress that is the killer though, not so much the frame!

icapturethecastle Sat 23-Oct-10 23:06:58

oh wow that sleeproom is lovely think I will be saving up for the antoinette or coco one! Will be telling DH in the morning.

bedframes Wed 27-Oct-10 11:35:10

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

bedframes Wed 27-Oct-10 11:39:16

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

vicky5591 Thu 28-Oct-10 13:56:03

Take a look at Bed Frames, on the Sleepmasters website as they supply Super KingSize bed frames. They have recently launched the sale of bedroom furniture on their site so you may be able to find furniture to match your frame.

gorehaginhellsbum Thu 28-Oct-10 17:52:34

Warren Evans have a permanent markdowns on different styles which they seem to rotate.
Great service from them.
Am now saving up for the bedside tables.

TracyK Sun 31-Oct-10 14:05:33

ooh- has anyone used They look very reasonably priced!

mosaica Thu 25-Nov-10 23:32:18


Just thought I would update everyone on this. In the end I went for a headboard from Headboards Ltd and I'm very pleased with it: it's really good quality and looks very stylish. Now the bed is screaming for a similarly stylish duvet cover (have started another thread on it).

Thanks for your advice!

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