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Nice alternative to kitchen whiteboard?

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hisgirlfriday Mon 11-Oct-10 20:11:49

The topic says it all really. We currently have a VERY attractive whiteboard bought as a houseawarming present for us by MIL which has a pattern of chickens and kittens running round it (wtf??) but has thankfully finally become tatty enough to replace without causing offence.
Friend has a gorgeous country living type slate one in her house but she pointed out that you have to write in huge letters in chalk so wasnt really practical for jotting down shopping lists etc.
Any inspiration/ideas out there?

sooz28 Mon 11-Oct-10 20:14:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tassisssss Mon 11-Oct-10 20:14:41

IKEA do a nice glass one with metal clips to hold stuff on...

Shoppingveggie Tue 12-Oct-10 13:53:08

Yes, I have that one tassissss - lots of people comment on it.

minkymonkeymoo Tue 12-Oct-10 16:28:15


Can't see the ikea one on their website (but not very proficient at navigating that!)

Can anyone do a link for me please for the glass one?


roxyhouse Tue 12-Oct-10 19:19:00

Not On The High Street have a sort of china notepad shaped board on which you write with a special black pencil.

EleSmelly Sat 04-Dec-10 18:43:08

minkymonkeymoo: 4

Thanks for the good advice guys...gonna get me one of these tomorrow!!


scurryfunge Sat 04-Dec-10 18:49:18

I have this one in the hallway. It is magnetic so it it is easier to stick messages on it, rather than write on the blackboard.
There is a shelf underneath too.


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