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Finish dishwasher tablets

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phipps Thu 07-Oct-10 18:22:23

On the back of the box it says no need to unwrap. On the side is says unwrap...

They are normally £13.30 for 60 lemon fragranced tablets in Asda but are now £5.

Seona1973 Thu 07-Oct-10 18:32:39

which ones are they? You dont unwrap the quantum ones but you have to take the other ones out of their individual foil packs

Seona1973 Thu 07-Oct-10 18:34:05

on checking the website you dont unwrap the Max in 1 ones either

phipps Thu 07-Oct-10 18:40:52

They are the powerball ones.

biglips Thu 07-Oct-10 19:40:15

dont unwrap them.

Seona1973 Thu 07-Oct-10 21:40:28

they all say Powerball but which one - Max in 1, All in 1, Quantum or Classic? If they dont look like they have a wee foil wrapper then you dont need to unwrap them

midnightexpress Thu 07-Oct-10 21:43:19

You can tell by the wrapper if they are the type to dissolve in the machine - they're always slightly sticky, especially if you touch them with a wet finger.

GeekyGirl Thu 07-Oct-10 21:47:19

Oh no! I've been unwrapping them. Does it matter?

phipps Fri 08-Oct-10 07:46:41

They are the all in one ones.

Seona1973 Fri 08-Oct-10 08:20:09

if they have a little foil wrapper then unwrap them. If they are clear and you can see all the sections and they feel a bit sticky then they dont need unwrapping

ChristieF Wed 07-Sep-11 17:30:30

Hi Is anyone else having trouble with Finish dishwasher tablets? Lately I am finding that they are just not cleaning as well as they used to. The dishes are clean but there is a horrible greasy smell coming off them. The dishwasher is only a few months old. The smell really turns your stomach. Bear in mind that we are veggie and so there is very little grease on the dirty dishes and I rinse them beforehand. Finish All In One Powerball. Having had dishwashers for over 20 years I've had this problem in the past with cheaper own brand tablets which is why I changed to Finish. I'm having to use the intensive wash instead of the normal which is much longer. Can anyone recommend a more effective product please?

Northey Wed 07-Sep-11 18:03:53

Regardless of whether I'm using an all in one tab or not, I always have dishwasher salt and rinse aid in the appropriate reservoirs, christie. If the dishwasher's performance has been fine and then drops off, I generally find that topping up those two things gets it back to previous performance.

Deux Wed 07-Sep-11 18:29:07

Christie, I used to use Finish and the like but now use the cheapest ones available, like the Daisy brand or Value and I only use half a tablet. Also like Northey I use rinse aid and salt. Am very pleased with the result.

I am horrified that I used to spend so much on dishwasher tablets.

My Bosch dishwasher is nearly 10 years old and I was recently speaking to the washing machine engineer and raving about how brilliant this d/w is etc and he said that newer machines, ihe, are rubbish compared to the old ones. Something to do with the eco nature of them or something. I'm wondering if this is an issue for you if it's a new machine?

Are you doing a service wash regularly - so on it's hottest setting? I wonder if this would help the smell. Or put some white vinegar in it? Maybe it's like a washing machine and it needs a good hot wash if you normally wash at low temps?

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