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Carpet Beetle Larvae aka Woolly Bears (don't be fooled by the cuddly name!!!)

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Tamashii Wed 15-Sep-10 12:08:37

We AGAIN have found some carpet beetle larvae in the cupboard under the stairs. I had noticed a couple of beetles a few months back and got rid but they must have laid some eggs in there and now we have these little b@stards again.

It took me AGES to get rid of them last time and that was basically lots of bicarb and constant hoovering every time one was spotted.

Any advice on how to get rid of them? And WHY the F_(K do I keep getting them? I feel like I am the dirtiest person around but I try to keep the place as clean as possible with a 2 yr old running around crunching biscuits etc into the carpets. No one else I know has heard of them, seen them or will admit to it. I have seen them before in someone I know's carpet at the edges so I KNOW someone is lying but they are disgusting so I wouldn't readily admit to it in RL either!!!


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BubsMaw Wed 15-Sep-10 14:01:45

What do they look like? I found a little white grub thing on my wooden kitchen floor when I was sweeping it today, was wondering where it had come from, and might there be more somewhere. My DD brings leaves, feathers, acorns etc. into the house so I'm hoping it's a one-off brought in by her.

I recently found some clothes had been moth bitten in an upstairs cupboard, I've not fully dealt with that problem yet.

I'm too tired for that, I have a sleep refusing baby DS, crying and squirming right now, no time for infestations!

Tamashii Wed 15-Sep-10 14:03:40

Seriously - they are DISGUSTING...
Here is a link...
WARNING! Don't look whilst/during/after eating... 20beetle%20larva.jpg

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Tamashii Wed 15-Sep-10 14:05:01

The ones we have at the moment are the brown stripy furry ones like the one at the bottom of the pic in the link...

The parents are black beetles but smaller than the usual ones that just wander in under the doors and.... They. Can..... FLY! YUK YUK YUK YUK

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BubsMaw Wed 15-Sep-10 14:09:32

Thanks for the link, our grub was different to that, hopefully a non-invasive sort!

Best of luck to you for dealing with your beetles smile

I'm going to ignore our clothes moths a little while longer. I'm sure I'll come to regret that though, they've already eaten a little part of my best Austin Reed work suit.

Tamashii Wed 15-Sep-10 14:20:21

Nature just doesn't appreciate fine clothing! Apparently you can get a cedar wood rings to hang in your wardrobe to fend off moths....
I think you buy them n hang them in the wardrobe amongst the clothes then sand the wood after a while so it still gives off some kind of natural repellent that they hate.

Here's the kind of thing on ebay (don't know if they actually work but have heard they're quite simple to deal with) S-REPEL-MOTHS_W0QQitemZ150412861701QQcmdZViewItem? rvr_id=140427402289&rvr_id=140427402289&cguid=158b 561212b0a0aa14f79397fffacd39

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moragbellingham Wed 15-Sep-10 21:55:37

My friend has had them and I've got them in my new (brand new) house.
Brand new carpets and wooden floors downstairs.

UnrequitedSkink Thu 16-Sep-10 12:13:54

I don't think that having woolly bears is an indication of poor hygiene - apparently they just like to eat natural fibres like pure wool carpets and silk. I found a couple when we moved in here but I've never been able to find the source of the infestation. It's certainly not the shite carpets we have in our house, they'd need jaws of steel to chomp through all that polyester. I've not seen any for about a year (it was always just a random single one here or there) so I'm hoping whatever it was that they were eating has been munched.

dreamingofsun Thu 16-Sep-10 16:20:53

according to the carpet man you need to get your carpet professionally treated once you have them. the man that treated ours said it was increasing and they thought it was because farmers were using less chemicals. he fumigated the relevant rooms. they had munched great chunks out of the underside of my lounge carpet which has now been replaced with wood

solo Thu 16-Sep-10 16:25:39

Cedar wood rings are very good IME.

Woolley Bears/carpet beetle are gross! I have them too.

Doodleydoo Thu 16-Sep-10 16:32:50

Re moths, apparently the weather this year is favourable for moths hmm little buggers, we have so many and I don't know what to do!

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