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My washing machine is making an awfully loud noise when spinning.

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coffeecake Tue 31-Aug-10 12:14:39

Has anyone had that before? Is it on its way out?

theagedparent Tue 31-Aug-10 12:19:10

Have you checked that there is nothing stuck in the hole at the bottom? We have a little flap with a twisty cap behind it that catches lost things, if it gets something stuck in it then it makes a noise

WelcometotheJungle Tue 31-Aug-10 12:28:22

Is the machine unbalanced? Ours did this when a little block underneath it got dislodged.

coffeecake Tue 31-Aug-10 12:39:11

thanks for that, I found 2 coins and a piece of cloth. Cleaned everything thoroughly but it's still awfully loud when spinning.
If I try to speak to someone they can't hear me.

ethelina Tue 31-Aug-10 12:41:46

Ours did similar when we moved. Our friendly washing machine repair man took the top off and found the drum had come off its fixings partly on one side so it was unbalanced and knocking about. £40 later it was fixed.

coffeecake Tue 31-Aug-10 12:42:14

I'm not sure Welcome, it doesn't seem unbalanced, it's not rocking from side to side when spinning, the noise seems to come from the drum. It sounds like it needs oiling or something.

coffeecake Tue 31-Aug-10 12:45:46

Ethelina could I do that myself? I'm good at removing parts of things but is it dangerous?

walesblackbird Tue 31-Aug-10 12:47:12

Yes me! Mine is just 10 months old and I had the Whirlpool engineer out this morning. I had thought it was the bearing 'cos it sounds like an aeroplane taking off when spinning and this had happened twice before with other machines.

Not that though ... apparently inside my washing machine there are two lumps of concrete (same as most I guess) and the bottom one has come loose and needs to be screwed tightly. Sadly though the engineer didn't have a screwdriver big enough and I now need to await another engineer.

In the meantime I'm not to use the machine as it could cause huge damage to the drum if it gets any looser. Now just have to sit and wait. Bit of a pain really with three kids to wash clothes for.

RubberDuck Tue 31-Aug-10 12:47:29

Mine died a month or two after dire spinning noise. So I wouldn't rule out putting some money aside for repairs/new machine.

pebblejones Tue 31-Aug-10 12:50:04

Is it moving, even if it's only a little bit. Mine started like this and starting moving ever so slightly out of it's slot in the kitchen, about a month later it jumped out into the middle of the kitchen, I kid you not! Turned out to be the concrete slab that holds it down had fallen off. Also give the drum a wiggle, it shouldn't move too much, if it does the belt could have slipped.

ethelina Tue 31-Aug-10 12:51:40

Dont see why you cant at least look, assuming its not a newish machine still within warranty. I'm no expert but i'm all for giving it a go. You can always put it back if its not obvious what the problem is. Get someone to help you and be a second pair of eyes.

coffeecake Tue 31-Aug-10 12:53:07

Yeah the drum moves a lot I've noticed when I move it

pebblejones Tue 31-Aug-10 13:03:11

Be very careful if you decide to have a look yourself, very dangerous things washing machines, I'm pretty sure they have whopping capacitors in them? My Dad seems to help with all things like tha (don't know how he became so expert at fixing things!) do you know someone with a bit of knowledge who can have a quick look, before you end up paying for someone to have a look. On another note, British Gas has a home appliance cover which you pay monthly for.

januaryjojo Thu 02-Sep-10 14:20:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Dolphins1234 Fri 31-Jul-15 06:12:29

My washer makes a loud noise when it spins but only when it's on normal cycle. Can anyone tell me what's possibly wrong

Aquamarine70 Fri 31-Jul-15 15:25:53

I think when it makes that noise whilst spinning that the bearings are going. Is it an old machine? A washing machine man told me that they are the most expensive part to replace that it's cheaper to buy a new machine.

nasirDZ Wed 07-Dec-16 04:28:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

LoisEinhorn Wed 07-Dec-16 10:35:25

Sounds like the bearings. DH just replaced ours. They were £60 to buy alone,

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