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huge plastic tub trugs for storing toys

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santander Thu 19-Aug-10 12:55:49

does anyone know where I can get one?

mustrun Thu 19-Aug-10 12:57:40

Those round squishy ones? Thats what sprung to mind when I read your request. If so, they have them in offer in Asda at the moment. Also stocked in Tescos and B&Q.

bigcar Thu 19-Aug-10 12:58:27

our local asda and tesco had them in store recently, not sure if they are actually tubtrugs, but look identical and are doing the job!

santander Thu 19-Aug-10 13:01:27

really really big ones?

bigcar Thu 19-Aug-10 13:19:14

depends what you class as really big smile have had a look at the side of mine, it's a flexitub but doesn't say size. I would class it as large.

marriednotdead Thu 19-Aug-10 13:23:53

I saw some recently- Homebase or B&Q I think.

I remember thinking you could bathe the kids in them, never mind store toys grin

sorrento56 Thu 19-Aug-10 13:25:15

Asda have some for £2 and £3 atm, Homebase sell them as do Tesco. We have quite a few and use them for all sorts.

thisismyname Thu 19-Aug-10 13:25:32

asda had them on offer yesterday - i did pw over them momentarily.

bigcar Thu 19-Aug-10 13:26:18

it's about 34/35cm from floor to top and about 47cm across the top. Yes you could bathe a small child in it!

suitejudyblue Thu 19-Aug-10 13:36:14

Just been in Tesco this morning and they have some huge ones for about a £5, they aren't the squashy ones but I find the handles on those break quite easily.
These were more solid plastic, in pink and blue and you could bath a toddler in them I'd say.

santander Thu 19-Aug-10 13:44:12

Thanks folks and especially bigcar for them measurements!

moragbellingham Sat 28-Aug-10 13:53:59

Has anyone seen the lids anywhere apart from online?

busymummy0f2 Fri 03-Sep-10 12:25:16

Hi, I have just found a fantastic website which sells all sizes and colours of trugs:

AskYaDad Mon 28-Feb-11 21:22:36

Wow! Thanks to busymummyof2's tip above about - I ordered some last week and arrived today. Absolutly brilliant, kids toys all sorted and a new laundry basket and a new recycling tub (think I may have bought more than realy needed but the colours are amazing). Can't say any more, trust me and take a look. smile

AskYaDad Fri 25-Nov-16 13:54:20

Black Friday deals at I can't praise them enough as toy storage especially the big flexi-tub.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Fri 25-Nov-16 13:56:12

I got mine in a garden centre. I believe they're used by green fingered folk too!

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