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Is there such thing as a nice-smelling plug in air freshener?

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trinni Wed 18-Aug-10 22:44:14

I must have tried them all and most are too floral.

Have smelt the odd nice one (when visiting a show home) but wasn't sure what it was.

Anyone have any recommendations? They're too expensive to make mistakes.

colditz Wed 18-Aug-10 22:45:35


They are all ming-a-ding-ding.

Get some lavender or lemon oil onto a few damp cloths, doilies or whatever, and leave them about the place.

trinni Wed 18-Aug-10 22:55:35

rolf @ doilies!

Agree, most are minging with the exception of the winter/Christmas type one but I can't use them all year round can I?

Loshad Wed 18-Aug-10 22:58:56

agree with colditz, all minging. Open the windows grin

BecauseImWorthIt Wed 18-Aug-10 23:01:25

No. Clean your house and open the windows!

All air fresheners do is mask smells and leave you with a horrible, artificial, chemical and stale smell.

trinni Wed 18-Aug-10 23:03:22

It's mostly fresh here - no fags or smelly pets, I just like a fresh scent around the place. Wish there was one with the fragrance of nice laundry.

lifeas3plus1 Wed 18-Aug-10 23:07:16

I love my oil burner.

Then you get to pick and choose a scent depending on your mood.

Citrus Fruits is a favourite at the moment. I add much more water than needed too so it's not an in your face smell, Just a subtle linger of oranges, lemons and limes in the air.

trinni Wed 18-Aug-10 23:12:01

Oil burner sounds like a good idea although, presumably, only when you're in the house.

My ds (10) would be fascinated!!

NoahAndTheWhale Wed 18-Aug-10 23:17:30

Air fresheners are all horrible. I am however fighting a battle with DH over this one. I mostly win <sigh>

tefal Thu 19-Aug-10 12:23:16

The only plug in ones I like are by yankee candles.

pinkmagic1 Thu 19-Aug-10 12:34:00

The only one I really like is called 'Enchanted night'. I can't remember which company does it but its in a blue box with stars on. Smells lovely and the only one I've found that dosn't smell like toilet cleaner.

mousymouse Fri 20-Aug-10 07:35:02

IKEA has lovely scented tea candles. apple, rose and the such. they are not overpowering and the smell keeps well.

MintyBadger Fri 20-Aug-10 07:38:30

No. They all smell synthetic and cloying.
Boots used to do this plug in thing with little pads infused with essential oils. It didn't last long (I think it was to get you to sleep) but it smelled wonderful. They did Lavender and also Geranium. They discontinued it about 5 years ago.
So that's useless to you, but if you can find something like that, they do smell lovely. No perfume, just the oils.

jooseyfruit Fri 20-Aug-10 07:43:28

lemongrass essential oil is really lovely and fresh burnt in a burner.

PosieParker Fri 20-Aug-10 07:50:21

I had a candle given, from that Flash with Febreeze thing, and it smelt of fresh laundry. But the best smell by far are fresh Lillies and they last for two weeks! I also have a collection of Somerset made Candles.

PosieParker Fri 20-Aug-10 07:51:04


schroeder Fri 20-Aug-10 08:50:08

If you do get one, you might want to warn your visitors; it's quite common to be allergic. <and they're yucky>

Mirrorball Fri 20-Aug-10 09:03:33

I had a nice plug in one from M&S actually, you could try there? another vote for oil burner. I have a lovely oil from Crabtree & Evelyn.

doggiesayswoof Fri 20-Aug-10 10:34:08

Yes! Ecover do one - smells nice (for short periods - it gets a bit overpowering if you leave it on) and mine has lasted ages

Hold on will link

doggiesayswoof Fri 20-Aug-10 10:44:56

No, sorry, it wasn't Ecover, it was method


B&Q stock them.

lurcherlover Fri 20-Aug-10 16:31:45

Nasty nasty IMHO. Full of noxious chemicals it probably isn't a good idea to breathe in (ditto cheap scented candles, IKEA and their ilk). I'm not an anti-chemical obsessive but I figure it's probably not good to pump them into the air. Get an oil burner from the Body Shop or similar, and some essential oils from Holland and Barrett. A few drops added to some water in the burner makes your whole house smell gorgeous in about 20 mins. Much nicer and healthier. Plus, an added danger of plug-ins is that if you're not vigilant about checking when they're empty, if they're left plugged in and running on empty they're a fire risk (a fireman friend told me this).

trinni Fri 20-Aug-10 19:45:41

Thanks all for your recommendations.

doggiesaywoof...I like the sound of the Method one and £4 is reasonable.

Also, I'm going to see if I can find my oil burner again although, I seem to remember it used to get a bit sticky.

Bunbaker Sun 22-Aug-10 08:52:37

I don't care for artificial air fresheners either. Open the windows instead. Also, when we had our house rewired a few years ago the electrician was pretty scathing about plug in air fresheners and said that they weren't terribly safe from a fire risk point of view.

I grow sweet peas in my garden and they have to be cut regularly for them to keep flowering. I always have a vase of fresh sweet peas in the house at the moment.

peachybums Sun 22-Aug-10 21:34:02

I open windows and that seems to do trick. If house smells a bit due to cooking (or ds in bathroom as we live in a bungalow) i put on my yankee candle tart burner. They are aroujnd £1 each for a gtart and they last ages. I dont buy the candles though as they are expensive and i can get more smells for my money with the tarts :D

domesticslattern Sun 22-Aug-10 22:14:12

Look up the wikipedia page about the toxicity of air fresheners here
You're probably better off with your oil burner trinni.

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