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fitted sheets to fit over a matress topper?

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peachybums Fri 13-Aug-10 16:33:52

We have a large king sized bed, the matress was getting a bit uncomfy so we bought a memory foam topper, which is fab.

Only problem is my fitted sheets dont fit over the matress AND the topper I like fitted sheets as the others dont seem to stay on with DP who moves all over the place in his sleep.

Anyone know a soloution? Cant find bigger sheets as the bed is a bit larger than a normal kingsize so sheets are a bit tight as it is, anyone know of any bigger fitted ones? Please help xx

MissWooWoo Fri 13-Aug-10 16:49:24

ikea superking fitted sheets are ginormous - try them?

nannyl Fri 13-Aug-10 16:55:37

i had this issue

i bought some very expensive, but vey rvery very nice egyption cotten fitted sheets from the white company.

they are all deep fitted ones as their "standard"

I love them, even if 2 white sheets did cost me £50 shock i hope we will be using them for at least 50 years so i figure they are worth it!

(I emailed them fisrtto check they would be deep enough)

GinandChocolate Fri 13-Aug-10 18:19:38

John Lewis do an extra deep sheet which fits over my matress and topper.

purplepeony Sat 14-Aug-10 16:57:00

If you were to buy flat sheets don't they stay on if you tuck them under the mattress?

I prefer flat to fitted as flat seem to stay flat if they are tucked in tightly.

peachybums Sat 14-Aug-10 22:58:27

£50 is a bit too much for me at the moment, i think id rather but a whole new matress cos knowing my luck mr ribena will pay a visit to them hmm and il cry.

Ive got an ikea one i bought before and it was too big i tried it again and it was still too big lol

I tuck flat sheets under the matress he manages to kick them off angry, either that or the kids pull them off to make tents little monsters

Il try john lewis thanks :D

browny Sat 14-Aug-10 23:15:32

We've got a foam mattress topper and a feather bed topper grin - I bought the Northern Nights fitted sheets from QVC...they've got lovely deep pockets. Here you are: HTH

maryz Sat 14-Aug-10 23:30:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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