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Left water in paddling pool - how do I clean out the slime?

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thereistheball Wed 11-Aug-10 13:19:35

Accidentally left the paddling pool full for a few weeks days and now there is a thin film of green slime on the bottom, and things swimming in it blush. I've just emptied it. Next step - mild bleach solution for an hour then empty it down the sink?

PestoEatsPastiesandSurfboards Wed 11-Aug-10 13:33:01

I just get a softish broom and the hose and brush it all off and rinse. Easy.

PestoEatsPastiesandSurfboards Wed 11-Aug-10 13:33:38

Or, if yours is a small paddling pool, just use a scrubbing brush.

thereistheball Wed 11-Aug-10 13:48:48

Thanks. Unfortunately it's quite big. Will start with hose and see where we get to.

PestoEatsPastiesandSurfboards Wed 11-Aug-10 13:53:19

Ok, well ours is big too and I used to think it would be a huge job to scrub out the slime. But now I just use a childrens broom and then sloosh it all away with fresh water from the hose and it's dead easy.

Another tip though, our water doesn't go green as quickly as it used to because I use chlorine tablets. You can get a tub of these from your local swimming pool shop.

ppeatfruit Wed 11-Aug-10 14:38:28

Rinse/ wash with white vinegar mixed with water and then rinse out properly. Pestoeats be careful with the chlorine it can cause allergic reactions!

thereistheball Wed 11-Aug-10 16:15:13

Will white vinegar damage the grass if I let the pool drain? Otherwise I've got to empty it by hand into the kitchen sink.

Alouiseg Thu 12-Aug-10 07:11:30

Refill it it half way, buy some stabilized chlorine and an algicide from a swimming pool shop. That should leave it sparkling. Some garden centres sell spa chemicals, that will be more appropriately sized.

ppeatfruit Thu 12-Aug-10 07:26:06

yes white vinegar would damage the grass as would most chemicals. As you have to empty by hand, then just mild detergent and elbow greasegrin

thereistheball Fri 13-Aug-10 08:49:37

Thanks everyone. Will give your responses to DH over the weekend and let him get on with it grin

peachybums Fri 13-Aug-10 16:30:05

What about one thats turned into a pond with its own wildlife blush been putting it off as its in the back which is all patio and the pool is now full as its been left feor months quite heavy

ppeatfruit Sat 14-Aug-10 07:41:50

keep as a learning opportunity for the DCs!grinabout pond life!!

MusicalMummyJules Sun 15-Aug-10 07:28:47

We did this also, just got the hosepipe on, a bit of fairy liquid and a scourer and broom and it (thankfully) came off!

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