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Yankee Candles...discuss.

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jillhastwoponies Fri 30-Jul-10 10:31:30

I've always wanted some of these, but it seemed like a sillydaft amount to spend on candles, but the other day I just thought 'sod it', and it's felt like Autumn here for weeks, so I bought samplers of...

cinnamon stick
warm apple crisp
creamy caramel
spiced pear
vanilla cupcake
christmas punch
sparkling cinnamon
french vanilla
mulled wine
spiced orange
christmas cookie
apple cider
cinnamon and sugar
mulling spices
candied apple
pomegranate cider
shortbread cookie
spiced apple
brown sugar and spice
chocolate cappuchino
vanilla caramel


I've put them on a bookshelf in the livingroom and the whole room smells all sweet and fruity and spicy without me even unwrapping any, let alone lighting them.

now i've read that the little tart things give the strongest smell, so I can feel my debit card twitching already blush

scurryfunge Fri 30-Jul-10 10:34:02

They are lovely but just too expensive to justify buying all the time for me. I go for cheaper alternatives.

ABitBatty Fri 30-Jul-10 10:34:51

Gorgeous. I love them. I am on 'vanilla cupcake' at the moment.

Creme brulee was my favourite but cant seem to find it anymore in my local shop.

I like the cakey, vanillary sweet ones rather than the fruity ones. I don't really like the 'clean' smelling ones, like cotton or summer breeze type ones.

xkaylax Fri 30-Jul-10 10:39:12

I like these how much are they for the large one usually?

Like the sound of vanilla cupcake mmmmm

Raeven Fri 30-Jul-10 10:43:06

My favourite is 'Baby Powder'. The smell always reminds me of when my two were very young

ABitBatty Fri 30-Jul-10 10:43:12

I'm not sure, about £12? I usually buy the little sampler jars or the tea lights. They seem to last ages and you can try lots of different ones for the price of one big one grin

xkaylax Fri 30-Jul-10 10:48:02

I thought they were about £25 or something

I always hate lighting expensive candles which s stupid really blush

Might get some samplers then to try them.

sweetheart Fri 30-Jul-10 10:49:06

I thought for the price of these they didn't give off much scent when burning.

venusonarockbun Fri 30-Jul-10 11:00:13

I also think they are not very strong. What I would really like is a 'Cowshed' knackered cow candle - but these are an eye-watering £28!

AprilMeadow Fri 30-Jul-10 13:19:15

I love Yankee Candles and have lots of different scents. I love the Baby Powder one and the nice one they do for Christmas.

Strawberry, Macintosh (Apple), Black Cherry and Farmers Market are some of my favourites. I tend to stock up when they are on offer.

We have the medium sized jars and certainly the scents that we have last for quite a few hours once the candle has been put out.

I know they are a little on the pricey side but they are some of the nicest candles i have bought.

Might go and light one now

expatinscotland Fri 30-Jul-10 13:23:34

I love them!

expatinscotland Fri 30-Jul-10 13:27:21

Get teh wax tartlets. WAY more bang for your buck.

rubyrubyruby Fri 30-Jul-10 13:28:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sweetcat Fri 30-Jul-10 13:33:12

Love em, TK Maxx normally sells them at around 6.99 if there is one near you grin

2old4thislark Fri 30-Jul-10 13:33:35

I love them but they are far too expensive! I love the Yankee candle shops in America - heaven.

Try TK MAXX for Yankee candles and other similar types - obviously stock comes and goes so you can never guarantee to get some.

I like the tarts as they smell really strong - I sometimes get the votives and cut them in half as this works out cheaper. Also I have cut up a big candle to put in the burner as I think it smells stronger.

2old4thislark Fri 30-Jul-10 13:34:17

sweetcat great minds think alike!

TeaOneSugar Fri 30-Jul-10 14:29:19

I'm loving Strawberry Buttercream at the moment, I use tarts in a cermaic tart warmer, I think I pay about £5 for 3, and they last for ages.

ditavonteesed Fri 30-Jul-10 14:41:24

favourites are
black cherry
strawberry buttercream
blueberry muffin for lounge (smell all warm and fuzzy)

lemon lavendar
clean cotton for dining room (smeel so clean)

baby powder if I am not in a physco broody mood, otherwise it makes me weant to cry.

2kids2dogsandahorse Fri 30-Jul-10 20:59:07

Clean Cotton is my favourite, I like the clean smells like the Watergarden one and the seasidey ones. The foody/spicy ones either make me feel hungry or sick

Wilts Fri 30-Jul-10 21:02:24

I love them. I tend to go with whatever fragrance is on offer at our outlet village.

domesticsluttery Fri 30-Jul-10 21:09:29

I love them too.

My favourite scents are Clean Cotton and Lemon Lavender.

I have just started buying the reed diffusers too, which are good when there are small children around or for the downstairs loo!

ilovemydogandMrObama Fri 30-Jul-10 21:10:11

what's the one that smells of Coppertone? Love that one.

shoshe Fri 30-Jul-10 21:31:48

My favourite is Moroccan Roses, but they stopped doing it. sad

And love Autumn Wreath, I have Pomegranate Cider burning now, tis lovely.

shoshe Fri 30-Jul-10 21:33:44

Oh and have just bought Home Sweet Home, havn't burnt it yet, but have the car one which is gorgeous.

expatinscotland Fri 30-Jul-10 21:35:18

Sun and Sand smells like Coppertone.

Burn it with Dune Grass and the ocean one.


Midsummer's Night with Midnight Jasmine in the bath. Luxe!

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