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FLY Lady thread Week beginning 26th July

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wendyhappysmile Mon 26-Jul-10 09:31:44

hiya ladies

wendyhappysmile Mon 26-Jul-10 09:35:34

Morning all
Started off the morning in a chaotic and grumpy way, trying to chill out a little bit now. All caused by argument with DH (over very little) not dissolved last night and carried over to morning. We went to bed amicably enough but without mentioning what had been said or an apology from either of us, and obviously it was still bothering me this morning! Plus I seem to be permanently tired, off to take my vitamin pill!!

To do
Loft sort out, get out boxes
box up stuff in Baby's room to clear a space for packing!
Bags out of loft to pack with
What's for lunch and tea? Quorn cottage pie I think, make it!
Deep clean bathroom


dylsmum1998 Mon 26-Jul-10 14:45:26

hi WEndy thanks for thread- forgot it was a new week today. Hope you feeling a bit happier now.

I have been delayed iwth everything today- took ds to his swimming lesson then came home to find we had a power cut so have been able to do nothing.
Did work out what food I have for taking on our holiday, and have written a list to take to asda for the rest of what we need.

now must go and put washing on as we finally ave our elec back


grouchyoscar Mon 26-Jul-10 18:18:04

Hello ALL and thanks for the thread Wendy

Nice time had at SIL's coffee shop, it was great to put faces to names after so very very long. Ed has a great time, as did we all.

Bits about Dad's passing started to catch up with me which was sad Why they don't do 'Bereivement for Dummies'? Mind you, it's all still very new really, the funeral was only on Monday

Spent yesterday tidying up/clearing out Ed's room, by heck, he is a real squirrel! 2 bin liners, a pile to pass onto school, a pile for the library and a load of stuff for a friend with 2 U2s. Took all day but the Feng Sui principle of the benefits of moving things around is quite true grin

Laundry has got out of hand today, I've run out of pegs and indoor drying space. What do I do confused

It's DH's birthday today and he willl be home soon. Cards and gifts at the ready grin

MaamRuby Mon 26-Jul-10 18:25:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

dylsmum1998 Mon 26-Jul-10 22:21:01

Go yes please explain feng shui more

Ruby love the idea of getting the children to write a diary, may try and encourage mine to do one.

HAve spent this evening sorting through dd's clothes, have managed 2 of her drawers just the rest of her things to go. May do some on those tomorrow. also bought all the food for our holiday. So excited that we only have one week to go.

Am just watching eastenders now then off to get some sleep. Have a feeling I am going ot need lots as ds has a friend sleeping over tomorrow.

BB in the morning

dylsmum1998 Tue 27-Jul-10 14:37:33

where is everyone- hope you are all out having fun.

DD was up in the night vomiting so phoned and cancelled ds's friend coming over and she has been fine, although have kept food fairly bland just in case.

done today
tidy dd's bedroom
hoover dd's bedroom
tidy and hoover my bedroom
ds to swimming lesson
wash up
load washer several times
unload washer couple of times
s&s bathroom
changed dd's sheets
stripped my bed

need to
tidy living room
make my bed
tidy kitchen
unload washer, think I may risk putting washing out now it has stopped raining

ds has spent all day 'tidying' his room. Still it is getting better in there and he is happy.

Off to check out the skies before attemoting to hang washing


MaamRuby Tue 27-Jul-10 14:42:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wendyhappysmile Tue 27-Jul-10 14:53:19

Poor you Rubes. I have spent too much too, buying Disney merchandise at Asda this morning. Tinkerbell dress and swim suit for DD and Toy Story t shirt for DS. Nappies and wipes for Bump and lots of other stuff. I must stop shopping!

DS's last day at school hurrah!

Have spent last two hours looking for his glitter ball to no avail. Will have to go buy another I suppose


MaamRuby Tue 27-Jul-10 14:56:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Tue 27-Jul-10 16:47:23

Wendy try here

I've done nowt today, feel guilty

OverflowingMum Tue 27-Jul-10 19:09:11

hellooo all

reporting in from briefly sunny Ireland... never knew the sun actually shone here....
Have been out and about dodging the showers, great fun yesterday on wet chilly beach, frolicking in wet muddy woods today
keeping calm and smiling sweetly

wendy when are you off to dlp (very jealous...had so much fun there last year!)

everyone-else Hi.....

Not sure when we're back yet...will try to check in later in week for the sake of my sanity!

MaamRuby Wed 28-Jul-10 12:32:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wendyhappysmile Wed 28-Jul-10 14:27:12

thanks for help ladies, it was just one of those large bouncy balls full of water and glitter all the kids have ... haven't you got the same craze?! LOL. it was hiding under his baseball cap!

Two weeks' today til we go to France - week in a cottage and 2 nights at DLP!

Been to my mum's this morning and then popped to shops with mum - spent up again sad

Just waiting for NZ friend to turn up, children are asking every two mins when they are coming. It is raining and they are playing in the garden hmm


MaamRuby Wed 28-Jul-10 14:29:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Makingchanges Wed 28-Jul-10 23:07:20

Evening all

Internet down again - its really beginning to wind me up - at least I am spending time with DD instead of on here.

Had a good week - tidied out all kitchen cupboards and thrown away out of date stuff, washing up to date and ironing pile gone. Next on list is to finish off scorting spare (junk) room and move onto mine.

Have booked some activities at local shopping centre for DD, meeting Dora, and some dancing so she should be pleased only an hour here and there but will pass some time. She has spent time with neighbours kids so sometimes 4 of them here but less of the nagging me to play so all good.

I am ill again, ended up at hospital yesterday on advice of OOH GP - turns out my chest pain is either bruised ribs or pulled muscles (as I thought) so in pain a little, on plus note shoulder is getting slowly better.

Hope to make it on here again if not hope hols are going well for everyone. Think of how tidy my house will be if the internet doesn't start working soon - although I am getting behind on my summer PGCE tasks for Uni arghhh

grouchyoscar Thu 29-Jul-10 10:26:17

Hello ALL

OK, today I have
Up and meds
S&S bbathroom
Make the bed
Empty DW
Put away
Re-load DW
S&S round kitchen and front room
Peg out
Load and run WM
Check online stuff

Berry picking today

MaamRuby Thu 29-Jul-10 11:05:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grouchyoscar Thu 29-Jul-10 13:49:06

To early for the berries but we did note the best bushes and will be back in a fortnigh

Went minibeast hunting but only captured a few spiders and 1 ant. must brush up on my pooting skills

We need 30-50 worker ants to populate the ant farm, might be fun

swanriver Thu 29-Jul-10 23:20:24

Grandma has been v. genial today (my mum)so we've had a nice relaxed day with the cousins. My sister is away for two days so I'm looking after an eight year old and 14 year old (actually 14 year old is looking after everyone)
Had major row with Dsis before she left blush; beginning to understand why the children children are always bickering,as the adult children do something similar when put together, something to do with siblings and parents etc etc...I feel tremendously calm now she isn't here - am I perhaps still attention seeking shock...consults inner pyschotherapist

Mum does lots of things for us (like create an absolutely stunning garden) except mind children and cook any meals that are suitable for children: she thinks the only things kids eat is sausages and fried potatoes, so it is struggle to keep family food interesting and healthy and stop her complaining about saucepans, or offering strange alternatives. Anyway in rented cottage it is much easier and very nice to be in charge.

OFM next year you must come and visit, still finding my feet a bit dealing with strange family and with dh absent. It is incredibly beautiful here, although I suppose Sligo must be even more stunning.

The children played on grassy banks all day long, swam in murky unchlorinated swimming pool, ate carbonara. Ds1 still worryingly fat (not mum's fault - combination of his leg, sweet tooth, greed and no PE for a long time), so I am having to pay him to take aerobic exercise. He can't jump at all due to bad leg and very wary of danger(as am I), and keeps giving up so needs certain amount of bossy personal trainer imput.

Dh coming in a week or so, he claims he misses me smile

Hope your weekend goes well Ruby
Unripe brambles galore here, don't know if they will ripen in this climate though till Sept...loads of loganberries though Grouchy hope ants are inspiration to Ed.

swanriver Thu 29-Jul-10 23:22:18

oh and we have had MICE! cleaned out mum's cupboards for her!

swanriver Thu 29-Jul-10 23:25:31

OFM also rented cottage belongs to my mum (yes I am paying her rent...she couldn't find another tenant for it shock)and is therefore rather dank and unwelcoming, but I am trying to remedy that problem this holidays.

swanriver Thu 29-Jul-10 23:29:44

Snapshot of flying activities in mum's/my cottage this week - resurrecting horrid old sofa and washing cover, burning old cushions trying to find foam replacements, mending shower, replacing looseats, trying to sort out dust under beds etc etc - the price of freedom!

OverflowingMum Fri 30-Jul-10 11:32:20

morning all
swan Blimey shock...and here was me imagining you sat with feet up whilst dc and cousins played happily! Hope things are calmer with Dsis when she returns....families are sent to try us...

GO read your post, and thought "oh is it berry time already?" then read your next post and thought "no, not yet" LOL

mc gosh, sorry to hear you've been ill, sounds stressful. Glad it turned out ok though and hope you're on the mend now.

ruby have nice wk/end....

well, we are surviving..just LOL Lots of family tensions bubbling away under the surface. Weather not been too bad though so at least have been able to get out and about an d enjoy the lovely countryside!

Now pouring with rain though, so are all heading to local swimming pool in a bit.

DH and older dc going to open air concert the rain LOL

Coming home on Sunday....Ferry booked...phew...

Really looking forward to week at home next week to sort and organise before my new job starts...

BB at wk/end....grin

wendyhappysmile Fri 30-Jul-10 12:30:55

swan sounds very fun albeit a bit strange!
Just waiting for NZ to turn up again, have packed a picnic for the park but it is looking overcast now sad
had a lovely day with her and her brood yesterday, haven't finished tidying up yet grin but I am chilled about it seeing as though I won't see her again for another 4 years probably!

Otherwise all calm here, am very tired today though. 23 weeks this week and am very fat, but I am the only one allowed to say so of course grin

Keep taking care ladies

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