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zip keeps sliding down!

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mrsflux Mon 12-Jul-10 19:33:30

the zip on my shorts keeps sliding down at random.
is there anything i can do to make it less slippy other than replacing the zip which i definitely can't do!

size6feet Mon 12-Jul-10 23:58:41

You could try very carefully and gently squeezing the side of the zip case with a little pair of curve-end pliers. It doesnt have to move much to grip the teeth.

If not then a replacement zip probably a bit more heavy duty than the existing one could be done at your local dry cleaners.

BustleInYourHedgerow Tue 13-Jul-10 00:09:58

I used to have a pair of jeans I loved that did the same...I hooked a key-ring trough the zip and used to hook it on the button before I buttoned them IYSWIM?

ratm27 Fri 23-Sep-11 21:11:27

Never tried the key ring idea, but tried pliers once and broke the slider sad. I searched online for other solutions and found a product called Zipperade that I bought a 3 pack for like $5 USD, and it works perfectly. Problem solved.

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