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Cake stand

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Balderdabble Mon 24-Oct-11 15:47:27

Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a nice modern two or three-tier cake stand, like the kind used for afternoon tea? I want one that can take the Christmas cake and mincepies - so not one with the stand part in the middle, but with the stand around the outside. Preferably with removable plates. Bit like this one but a bit more modern looking:
That is the only one I can find. Thanks!

Sanesometimes1 Mon 24-Oct-11 22:15:31

nice selection in lakeland

Balderdabble Wed 26-Oct-11 21:43:30


ChunkyMonkeyMother Wed 26-Oct-11 21:49:40

If you're handy then you could make one yourself! Just search for "3 tier cake stand fittings" I got 2 for under a fiver and just need to find the perfect plates to use - Aslong as you have a tile-bit for a drill you can use that to make holes in them once you've measured them up etc.

I am a bit sad like that but I have been looking for some plates to use as a Christmas cakes stand and then one as a gift for a wedding - Just need to find the perfect plates ha ha

Good luck! XxX

ChunkyMonkeyMother Wed 26-Oct-11 21:50:06

I meant to say search for them on Ebay! Sorry!

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