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flatscreen (LCD) tv - easy to damage screen?

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bethylou Sat 17-Oct-09 22:12:54

My DH is keen to go out tomorrow and buy a flatscreen tv as our big old one is on the blink and apparently John Lewis are doing a good deal.
Can anyone reassure me that DS (18 months) will not be able to knock it over on top of himself? (thinking you might have recommendations for how to attach it to the wall without actually wall-mounting it?)
Also, is it likely to be a problem if he pokes it/licks it etc..?! Anyone had experience of little ones breaking/damaging the screen? It will be down to me to desperately try to protect it from DS while DH is at work!!

Frizbe Sat 17-Oct-09 22:15:36

Well ss's lasted a week before dd1 knocked his bed ladder into it and scratched it...not much help eh? I'm sure it'll be fine, most things are at risk with kids about, but most things don't get damaged.

bethylou Sun 18-Oct-09 21:23:05

Thanks. DH has bought one today anyway, but has put it on a higher piece of furniture than previously planned in some hope of keeping it away from DS! Now wishing we hadn't spent £200 on a new tv cabinet earlier in the year which is currently empty - doh!

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