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Best place to get children's cutlery

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janx Thu 15-Oct-09 14:53:02

Not plastic stuff - but nice metal things - dd is 5 and ds is 22 months. Got some from Ikea a while ago, but don't want to trek up to there - any ideas?

2jamsandwiches Thu 15-Oct-09 14:55:58

Oh, i was going to say Ikea, a neighbour has some and I have cutlery envy.
Sainsb had some ok plastic-handled stuff a while back.

janx Thu 15-Oct-09 14:56:57

lol - cutlery envy...maybe I need to brace myself for a trip there

SCARYspicemonster Thu 15-Oct-09 15:12:05

I have some really nice ones from debenhams but they are very heavy and my DS who is 28m can't really hold them. I got some from Tesco recently but they were in the sale

meep Thu 15-Oct-09 15:21:35

Boots always have a selection of childrens cutlery - and most supermarkets have them. Asda definitely stock them. or mothercare?

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