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Dyson hoovers...

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IWantAChickAndADuck Sat 10-Oct-09 14:52:35

My hoover has packed in, had it a good few years, but TBH it was never really any good. It's an Electrolux upright hoover and useless for doing stairs. I have always dreamed (blush) of having a Dyson, but they are so expensive, are they actually worth it?

peanutbutterkid Sat 10-Oct-09 15:16:23

Yes, they pick up everything, it is shocking how much stuff can be in your carpet that other VacCleaners miss.
They aren't robust, they need repairs or break easily.
If I bought a new one I'd be seriously tempted to get a Miele Cat and Dog. Also, Sebo are supposed to be Go-On-Forever reliable beasts.
I have a DC07i (TOO LOUD, 5 months old), our last Dyson was a DC04 which lasted well, almost 10 years (with servicing and many minor repairs). I still use the DC04 for crevice jobs.

IWantAChickAndADuck Sat 10-Oct-09 15:22:49

thank you for the reply! Our house is half carpet half they work on both? I'm quite tempted by the Dyson Ball...

ilovemydogandmrobama Sat 10-Oct-09 15:28:43

We have an Animal Dyson and it's great! The head manages to pivot quite well, although slightly embarrassed by the contents of the cylinder blush

Oh, we have tiles, floorboards and carpet. Seems to manage it all, and 2 hairy dogs....

IWantAChickAndADuck Sat 10-Oct-09 15:47:34

Which one ilovemydog? just looked and there's loads. Also just seen that the Dyson Ball is £300 shock

PrettyCandles Sat 10-Oct-09 15:55:47

We've had our Dyson for bout 6y. Took out the extended warranty, and used it twice: once we had the main part replaced, and the other time we needed a new hose (the day before the warranty ran out!). It's certainly an excellent cleaner, and I like the fact that I can see to retrieve hoovered-up toys. But I wouldn't get another one. It's horribly noisy, and not convenient on stairs. OTOH, if they have improved when we need to replace, then I would certainly consider Dyson again.

I would consider a Sebo, because everyone I know who hase one praises it very highly.

Conundrumish Sun 18-Oct-09 21:53:38

Well I have moaned about my dyson since we got it 6 years ago. It breaks regularly, to the extent we have had to buy a spare vacuum cleaner for when it breaks. But the engine went this summer and we left it unmended while we decided what to do. In the meantime I used our spare one and also used a miele helping at church one day. The Miele was rubbish and our spare one doesn't seem to have been much better because when I eventually got the Dyson mended I picked up nearly a whole cylinder of yuk in one hoover around having used the spare regularly over a 6 week period.

We used the service option of paying £65ish and having everything replaced that needs to be replaced.

bellavita Sun 18-Oct-09 21:55:40

Ooh, I have just traded my 10 year old dyson in today at currys - it gets you 25% off. I have now got the DC25 animal ball. Tis tres fab smile

DrNortherner Sun 18-Oct-09 21:57:28

I bought a Dyson in 1998, it only just gave up and died this year. I bought another Dyson after such a good track record.

I LOVE it and would not use another brand.

preggersplayspop Sun 18-Oct-09 22:02:05

I got a dyson after having a cheapo hoover before. I was amazed/revolted by all the stuff it was getting out of my carpets. The difference in performance is worth the extra I reckon.

Mine has survived my toddler sticking the nozzle up the bath tap (it was switched off at the time thank god but loads of water got into it). It dried out eventually and no lasting effects....

Meglet Sun 18-Oct-09 22:02:12

I love my Dyson. Its shocking how much crap it picks up even if I do it 2/3 times a week, it's an incentive to do it more often TBH. And I can never leave it with any dirt in it looking at me, I always have to empty it.

pushmepullyou Sun 18-Oct-09 22:02:39

I've got the smaller Dyson ball - the full size Dyson's are a bit unweildy for me. I love it. Would highly recommend it to anyone

Barking Sun 18-Oct-09 22:03:52

I did have a Dyson but not v impressed, forever blocking up.

I now have the Miele Cat and Dog after lots of recommendations on here and have to say it's brilliant, very very strong suction and easy up stairs etc.

shootfromthehip Sun 18-Oct-09 22:08:08

I've had a Dyson for 4 yrs and I LOVE it (yes I do- sad but it's like one of the cats grin). I use it daily on both wooden floors and the carpet. Touch wood but I have never had a problem with it other than the band slipping off which I fixed myself. I did spend a fortune on a commercial Dyson though and it's very sturdy. Would definately recommend it.

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