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Electrical Stewing/Casserole Pot...please recommend

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TDiddy Sun 06-Sep-09 11:20:20

I am looking for electrical stewing pot where you chuck ingredients in and leave to cook very very slowly...delicious tender stew several hours later. Anyonecan recommend anything like?

paranoidmother Sun 06-Sep-09 22:29:37

I would suggest to look at Lakeland as they sell slow cookers - where you throw everything in the pot and leave it to cook or crockpot - where you can use it on the hob to brown and then leave it in the pot to cook.

MavisEnderby Sun 06-Sep-09 22:32:10

I have a Crockpot slow cooker.It is great.

cece Sun 06-Sep-09 22:33:22

Do youi mean a slow cooker? I boght mine in Tesco - think it was £10

Habbibu Sun 06-Sep-09 22:49:59

we have this - it's the Which best buy, and is great.

TDiddy Mon 07-Sep-09 00:22:22

thank you paranoidmother , MavisEnderby, cece, Habbibu. Looking forward to making some winter casseroles. Will let you know how it turns out.

TDiddy Mon 07-Sep-09 00:23:57

Like the idea of Dishwasher proof and suitable as serving dish, Habbibu.

TDiddy Tue 08-Sep-09 14:58:50

Like the look of this one

weegiemum Tue 08-Sep-09 15:08:32

We got one in Tesco for £10 that is dishwasher proof and transferable to the table. I use it once or twice a week, more in winter, for soup, stew, casseroles, roasts etc - its brilliant.

weegiemum Tue 08-Sep-09 15:11:23

this is it!

Blimey, its gone up! £12.69!

TDiddy Tue 08-Sep-09 22:11:42

Thanks Weegie. Looks good. Do you miss having a timer on it? That is the only reason why I am thinking of the Crockpot one.

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