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Hotpoint White Goods

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TaxiDriverandCook Tue 22-May-18 13:03:05

Any views on this would be welcome. My elderly mother's fridge broke so I ordered on line a replacement fridge plus a matching freezer. They go side by side in her kitchen. The 2 items were described as white, they have matching reference codes, they are clearly designed to match each other and on top of this when I called to place the order they were described to me as matching items. When they arrived they are different coloured whites - one bluish the other not. The online seller says they can't guarantee matching whites because the items may be made in different factories/at different times etc. All of which I understand but why not check when supplying the matching items that they do in fact match?? They say there is nothing on the packaging to help with batch numbers and they can't be expected to open all their stock to check the colours. They have offered to collect the freezer (Mum is already using the fridge out of necessity) but we will then be left to try to find the correct matching white. All very annoying, time consuming etc. Plus, I haven't actually received what I ordered. There's no point asking them to take both items away because according to their own argument they couldn't guarantee to supply replacement matching items. How can they
think that people would be happy with side by side appliances which don't match???

TaxiDriverandCook Tue 22-May-18 13:31:20

I should just say that Hotpoint have been brilliant in trying to help, shame I didn't buy direct from them

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