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Washing machine and dryer

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Denis993 Thu 19-Apr-18 09:24:41

I’m currently buying a new washing machine and tumble dryer. Our washing machine is not doing it for us (4 year old Gorenje slim line 6kg washer). Doesn’t wash the clothes as good as my moms Bosch, It’s noisy like a 90s machine, terrible spin cycles even with small loads. All in all a really bad machine for its hefty price tag of 480€. We decited to renovate our cellar so we can fit a normal size washer and dryer (we don’t own a dryer right now but we despretly need one. It sometimes takes us up to 3 days to dry a normal sized cotton load, indors where the heating is on during the winter) I’m looking between two brands, Bosch and AEG. The Bosch models are WAT28661GB and WTWH7660GB. The AEG models are the 9000 Series washer and 8000 Series dryer. The prices are almost the same. I am familiar with Bosch appliances and can say that they are good quality products. While I’m not familiar with AEG appliacnes and don’t know how good they are. The main difference between the washing machines are that the Bosch washer has IDOS (automatic dosing) while the AEG has a new salt sistem that makes hard water softer (makes clothes softer and protects them) and a steam function. The main difference between the dryers are that the AEG has reverse spinning so no balling when doing a load of bedding (the Bosch only spins in one direction) also the AEG has a drain hose where the dryer Bosch hasn’t. I’m currently going more towards the Bosch machines because I’m mkre familliar with the brand. Did anyone had any experience with any of these brands good or bad and what would you recomend? I would really like some help for a new cleaner future

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