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spiders web in oven door - can anyone help???

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sharer Mon 09-Apr-18 13:09:48

My Hotpoint oven has a big spider's web spun diagonally across the whole door. I contacted Hotpoint to find out how to remove glass panels so I can clean it but was told I couldn't remove panels and would need to buy a new door! I dont feel I should have to buy a new door as I suspect my door seals must be faulty.... then they suggested I pay for an engineer to come out. I guess he will come and tell me I need a new door!
When i contacted Whirlpool who own hotpoint after some really awful customer service they told me I might be able to squirt some water in. I am currently waiting for information on how to do that! Can anyone help????

HopeAndJoy16 Tue 10-Apr-18 17:12:48

Bumping this for you. I'm pretty sure the glass panes in my oven are removeable, but it's not a hotpoint so doesn't help you at all. Is there any way to unscrew the front panel of the oven to get in there?

user1498854363 Tue 10-Apr-18 17:16:24

Op, get on the internet, lots of useful and helpful guides on appliances (repairs, manuals etc).
Google Hotpoint 😀

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