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Are you loyal or do you shop around?

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LMW1990 Mon 26-Feb-18 11:48:06

Hi All

I'm just about to do my monthly big shop. I usually do one big shop for food cleaning and toiletries and then a small weekly shop for fresh stuff like milk bread etc. I meal plan and try to use up fridge and freezer contents prior to the next big shop.

There are 2 of us here full time, myself and my DP. DSD and DSS are here for 50% of the time. They are 3 and 7.

I seem to flit between online shopping and actually going to the supermarket for the big shop and tend to go to either tesco or lidl for the small shop.

I've a feeling I'm spending more than I should be with such a sporadic approach.

Are you loyal to a particular supermarket, if so which so you get best value from? I'd ideally prefer online but I'd be happy to physically go if the saving was worth it.

Thistlebelle Mon 26-Feb-18 13:29:42

I’m mostly loyal to one supermarket but it’s not because of price it’s because of their efficient online delivery service.

I will occasionally use other supermarkets if I need a specific thing and happen to be closer to somewhere else.

invitroveritas Mon 26-Feb-18 13:52:11

It's not so much loyalty as lack of time to go further afield. I go where it's near and easy to park if I have multiple bags.

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