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What smells do you love in your home ?

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proudmum4 Wed 17-Jan-18 11:56:39

For me it's when I've polished, scrubbed/ bleached bathrooms and hoover and mopped the house!
The smell of fresh washing drying I love too and a Yankee candle lit of an evening .....

ConfusedNewMam Wed 17-Jan-18 11:59:20

Home cooked meals and vanilla candles 😍

proudmum4 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:00:58

Oh yes the smell of food in a slow cooker smile

Monkeybunkey Wed 17-Jan-18 12:01:46

Morrisons bathroom cleaning spray. It's the only reason my bathroom is so clean! Oh, and my gingerbread reed diffuser in the lounge.

lastnamefirstfirstnamelast Wed 17-Jan-18 12:06:54

-freshly cleaned and polished smells
-Yankee candle cinnamony smells in the autumn and Winter
-Yankee candle My serenity, coconutty, drift wood smells in spring and summer
- fresh brewed coffee in the morning
-roast beef on a Sunday

katmarie Wed 17-Jan-18 12:10:32

Coffee, bread baking, chocolate cake baking, christmas cake baking. Seems to be a food trend here!

proudmum4 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:13:23

I always change my plug ins every season like to have a fresh smell around the house x
I also use freshness regularly inside my hoover which is so nice

fleaflyflo Wed 17-Jan-18 12:22:26

What product do you put in your
hoover OP?

proudmum4 Wed 17-Jan-18 12:23:58

I will send a photo when I get home smile it's in a white picket only cheap too but as soon as you turn it on the freshness follows maxing for anyone with dogs (I don't I'm just a clean freak)

testpickles Wed 17-Jan-18 12:31:28

French vanilla or home baking wax melts from home bargains

floffel Wed 17-Jan-18 12:32:10

Method wild rhubarb cleaning spray - so fresh, fruity and clean smelling

BattleCuntGalactica Wed 17-Jan-18 13:01:37

Caramel and vanilla sugar.

Mycarsmellsoflavender Wed 17-Jan-18 13:29:11

Fresh coffee.

Sillybilly1234 Wed 17-Jan-18 13:43:41

The smell of everyone being out and me having some me time.

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