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Will a halogen oven save electric?

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WorkingMumOnTheGo Fri 05-Jan-18 14:09:06

Hi everyone. My flat runs on electric except the hot water in the kitchen and heating is run on gas.

I have an electric cooker which takes forever to cook sometimes! I have to pre-heat it for 10-15 minutes before I can put food in it and then the food takes time to cook as well and I genuinely believe it is using too much electric. The energy rating for my cooker is B so it's not too bad on that part and it is only a year old.

I have a mini air fryer but my electric cost is still the same? I am on the cheapest energy tariff as I change every year to save money.

I cook a lot because I home make all of my meals from fresh. I have been looking into one of them halogen ovens that is heated by light.

Do anyone know whether or not they would save much electricity?

VeganCow Thu 18-Jan-18 00:40:43

Ours is used daily. Have hardly used my oven since I got the halogen. No pre heating required and cooks faster. I believe the cost is about 2/3rds the cost of an oven as in how much KWH electricity is used but the food cooks faster too so uses even less. I like how easy it is and you can see the food cooking

WorkingMumOnTheGo Thu 18-Jan-18 10:57:59

@VeganCow thank you for your reply! I am really swaying towards getting one. I definitely need food to cook fast so it sounds perfect! I am still looking online for one. They are quite cheap actually so shouldn't be any problem!

VeganCow Thu 18-Jan-18 11:05:16

Yes you can pick them up cheap. I got one on eBay. Make sure you get one with a hinged lid. A lot have a separate lid and you have to put it in the stand as it gets hot. The lid on mine just stands up for ease. One like this is good-

VeganCow Thu 18-Jan-18 11:06:23

Sorry will try that again

WorkingMumOnTheGo Thu 18-Jan-18 11:22:30

@VeganCow that's exactly the one I was looking at!! The hinged lid is a great idea it is so silly that some of them don't have one on as a safety mechanism! I like that one though! My dad has a VonShef microwave oven and it works brilliantly so I know their brand is good! I am going to look into it.. really tempted now lol! My OH will not be too happy that I am spending money again blush

jemmysmum Thu 18-Jan-18 11:22:53

Not sure exactly how much electric they use ,but they are v good.Burgers,sausages etc come out juicy with only a small spray of oil,the fat all drains away.Things like breaded garlic mushrooms come out lovely and crispy,if I put these in normal oven they come out soggy!Also pork chops and steaks -succulent.The one shown above seems like a really good offer-mine hasn't GT the hinged lid-wish it had it is a pain finding somewhere to put it down when hot.Also all the extras you get with it,I had to buy them all separately with mine,so seems like a really good deal.

jemmysmum Thu 18-Jan-18 11:25:44

Ooh ooh forgot about pizzas,cook very quickly,crispy base still and stringy cheese-not burnt!!

VeganCow Thu 18-Jan-18 12:27:40

Yes everything cooks great. We’re all vegan/veggie but do veggie burgers, waffles, veggie sausages, crisp bakes, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes, pizzas, roasted vegetables everything you would oven cook or grill does brilliantly

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