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Neff slide and hide ovens (side by side) under the worktop?

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iknowimcoming Fri 22-Dec-17 10:58:18

I know there's a huge thread about these ovens and I've searched and searched but can't find it sad we are planning 2 x neff slide and hide ovens in an island so under the worktop and have been planning this for ages, spec has just come through from kitchen dude and he has spec'd siemens (non-slide and hide) I went back to him and said but we wanted s&h and he said oh they don't work so well under worktops confused I suspect this is bs and he's just trying to make more £££ by selling the Siemens stuff but I just wanted to check as he's planted the seed of doubt angry they seem to work fine on the gbbo under the worktops angry if you have this oven under worktops can you reassure me please (any other advice re kitchen appliances also welcome - downdraft extractors anyone?)

Nightmanagerfan Fri 22-Dec-17 11:01:38

I don’t have them but they definitely have slide and hide on the bake off!

llangennith Fri 22-Dec-17 11:13:40

I’ve only ever seen them at eye level but if you’ve thought through the logistics of it then go for it. Wouldn’t suit me but it’s your kitchen.

TheDogsMother Fri 22-Dec-17 16:33:28

I have one at eye level and love it. Bake off have them fitted under a work top and seems to work for them. Makes a lot of sense really as you don't have the door in the way when it's open.

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