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Please help me choose a tumble dryer!

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SuperLoudPoppingAction Tue 28-Nov-17 20:41:17

Have you bought one recently? Are you good at choosing things?

Looking at

I currently have a hoover washer dryer and the sensor on the dryer (or maybe the wiring around it) has gone.

The dryer cycle either had 'high' or 'low' and for the past year I've had to put it on twice.

So in terms of efficiency and fanciness, anything would probably be an improvement.

But I would like a large drum - at least 8kg if possible.
Also a condenser dryer.
I am wondering if heat pump dryers are worth the extra money to save electricity costs.
Would prefer not to spend loads, but equally don't want something where the brand has awful customer service or where it will shrink everything.

I've just moved and had to choose so many things and I think I have choosing fatigue.

wheresmyphone Wed 07-Feb-18 18:31:03

I have a Mielie heat pump condenser. It’s rubbish. To get the A efficiency rating it only rotates in one direction so stuff GETS REALLY TANGLED. To do a king size duvet cover can take 3 hours, and I have to stop and intervene twice and unknot.

womaninatightspot Wed 07-Feb-18 18:37:34

I bought a candy 10kg tumble dryer from ao for 250 about six months ago it's good comparable to the bosch I had before. Hummed and hawed for ages but went for condensor as couldn't really justify the extra expense.

JaneEyre70 Wed 07-Feb-18 18:39:29

I've got a Zanussi condenser (7kg) load and it's a marvel! Got several heat settings including wool, cottons and synthetics and a refresh cycle as well as 30 minutes. It's fairly quiet, a full load takes 90 minutes max and it doesn't seem to tangle bedlinen. It was around £250 I think - the only negative is remembering to empty the water condenser!

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