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Bosch fridge freezer

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Losingthewill8 Thu 23-Nov-17 09:55:33

Hi, just got a Bosch American style fridge freezer KAG90AI20G.

Can anyone tell me when the 'alarm' wording is supposed to light up? Also what noise/sound does it make when the door is left open too long?

I have no idea how to tell when it has reached the set temperature as no indicator, and it gives a pathetic little sound when left open, no way would you hear it I feel the radio was on too.

Is this normal sound? And why no alarm indicator light? Basically when I switched it on for the first time it showed -18 and 4 degrees, no alarm illuminated to show it wasn't actually at that temp yet.

Please please someone shed some light on it for me. Many thanks.

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