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Help! Fridge freezer given up, need a new one ASAP!

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frazzled3ds Fri 20-Oct-17 07:41:12

Urgently need some recommendations please! My fridge freezer seems to be giving up the ghost (freezer is defrosting and fridge temperature is rising). Whilst I don’t really have the cash to replace, I’m going to have to and to be fair it is something like 13 years old ....

Need a new one fast - does anyone have any suggestions on type and where to get one please?! Looking for a 50/50 style one, don’t have the space for anything like American style etc.

Thank you!!

MeRichard Sun 26-Nov-17 05:57:09

I have a separate fridge and freezer. I note however that the Hisense RB335N4WW1 and Hisense RB335N4WB1 score well and are the lowest-price high-scoring models. For slightly more money the Hisense RB385N4EW1 scores even better.

For alternative makes there are the Lec TNF60188W or TNF60188S and the Samsung RB31FDRNDSA.

I don't know about the reliability of Hisense, but Lec and Samsung are supposed to be OK.

Don't know if that helps.

candlefloozy Sun 26-Nov-17 06:00:24

I have a 50/50 smug fridge freezer. It's brilliant.

candlefloozy Sun 26-Nov-17 06:00:34

Smeg sorry.

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