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Has anyone got a King Size Emma mattress?

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putthesneckon Wed 04-Oct-17 20:40:39

A friend has just asked me to ask you.....,

Could you please raise a query on ‘Mumsnet’ (or other social media) for owners of a king sized ‘Emma’ mattress?
I am hoping to get an actual measured width of the mattress (cm) from Emma owners.

The reason for my uncertainty of the obvious information provided by Emma on their website is given below. It should be obvious that the information given on their website is correct but I have great doubts.

The accepted standard UK king size mattress was specified as 5’ x 6’6”, note this is given in imperial measurements since the UK was historically non-metric. An accurate metric conversion is 152.4cm x 198.1cm, however this is not easy to remember or say, so approximate figures of 150 x 200cm was adopted. Note however the term ‘150x200cm’ is approximation and is intended to refer to the UK standard of 5’ x 6’6”. So when advertisers such as ‘Emma’ state their mattress is 150x200 and is a UK standard size, it should therefore follow that the size is actually (5’ x 6’6” or 152.4cm x 198.1cm). Unfortunately some idiot, probably a young graduate manager did not know 150cm is not equal to 5 feet. Ikea for one is making king size mattresses and bed frames to 150cm. Established manufacturers of quality mattresses still measure 5’ or approximately 152.4cm. It could be that the young person at Emma customer support reads the given specification of 150cm and blindly believes it. It could also be the case that Emma are making king sized mattresses 150cm wide.

Asking the owner of an Emma mattress would remove my doubts, but I have no social media accounts.

So can you please ask king sized owners of an Emma mattress what the measured width is?

note 150cm is actually 1” shorter that 5’, so it is a puzzle to me how they can claim a width 4’11” is a standard UK king size.

Hope you followed that!

Basic question is
What is the exact width of it?

putthesneckon Thu 05-Oct-17 06:36:38


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