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AEG 300 midnight sewing machine spare parts

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thebethel Tue 05-Sep-17 17:48:42

I bought the above sewing machine last January and can't source any spare parts. All references to the machine on the many sites that sold it have cached the pages referring to it and I can't get information anywhere. Have I bought a ghost, or as I fear, a pup. I need a bobbin holder or good therapy, can anyone help?

ElasticFirecracker Wed 07-Mar-18 09:35:11


Did you contact AEG? If your model is no longer available, it's possible that the parts are still available. The same parts are used in different machines.

Good luck

LilacClouds Wed 07-Mar-18 09:46:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LilacClouds Wed 07-Mar-18 09:49:23

^^ (apologies if it's not a vintage model, it looks it. I would be very surprised if it's a brand new model but you can't get any parts for it anywhere, that kind of defeats the object of it being brand new...)

LilacClouds Wed 07-Mar-18 09:51:19

Elastic!! WHY have you resurrected a zombie thread from last September? WHY?!!!! smile

ElasticFirecracker Wed 07-Mar-18 14:47:19

angry I'm sorry I didn't notice the date.

ElasticFirecracker Wed 07-Mar-18 14:48:22

Also - machine is electronic so prob not vintage.

LilacClouds Wed 07-Mar-18 14:59:18

Yes, agree on the machine, it seems odd that you can't get parts for a new machine though. Bit of a pain.

Oh well - hope she got sorted out! smile

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